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The tricks of Japanese beauty guru Hiroi Muraki to rejuvenate your eyes

Hiroi Muraki, known in Japan as ‘the hand of God’, is one of the largest beauty and well-being specialists in Japan. She has published numerous books on techniques to take care of yourself and stay young, and has two beauty salons: Clinic F and Amazing Beauty. In addition, she regularly participates in television programs.

Now, the expert presents her own method to beat time: a series of simple, but effective techniques to eliminate crow’s feet, dark circles or sagging face and readjust the facial oval in just five minutes a day.

A method that has been reflected in the manual Rejuvenate now! (Kitsune Books, 2022) and that has conquered the celebrities Japanese women, who report this on their social networks.

The face has more than 50 muscles in continuous movement. Over the years, the face loses tone and sagging appears. But in the same way that we exercise the muscles of the body, we can also train those of the face, to strengthen and recover volumes that are lost over time.

Cover of the book Rejuvenate now!

The facial gymnastics, which has its origin in the East, consists of the execution of a series of exercises that, based on repetition, tone and train the muscles of the face and neck. Among the many benefits that this activity provides, it is worth highlighting not only recovering or maintaining the tone of the oval of the face, but also achieving oxygenate and drain deep tissueswhich results in a healthier appearance of the skin.

The author assures that with her method you can combat the most common signs of aging, and specifically the look. An improvement is achieved in wrinkles around the eyes, bags, dark circles, lifting the eyelids and eyebrow area, as well as reducing sagging and loss of muscle mass.

The method proposes a series of simple, but effective techniques to eliminate crow’s feet, dark circles or sagging face and readjust the facial oval in just five minutes a day.

Muraki describes a series of very simple, but effective techniques that require perseverance and also, like any exercise, a minimum of precision.

“Exercising the muscles too much or too little causes them to tense, pull on the bones and cause distortions in the face and body. In addition, as we age, the circulation of blood and lymph slows down, which causes toxins accumulate in the skin and it becomes flaccid. As a result, the symptoms of aging appear,” explains the author, who recommends practicing the exercises in front of a mirror, slowly and calmly, becoming aware of each movement.

Exercises to rejuvenate your eyes

ORnone of the zones of the face where it is most appreciated the passage of time is look. “Around the eyes unite “many of the muscles that we use to gesture and that also help us see better”, assures the author.

With these exercises you consfollow regain firmness in he orbicularis muscle, in addition to in the muscle that is right at the level of the eyebrows, the superciliary, and the one on the forehead, the frontal. They also help reduce eye strain.

1. Exercise to combat drooping eyelids

Rest your elbows on a table and place your index finger of both hands on the browforming a hook with it.

Let the weight of your head fall onto your hands to apply pressure with the indexes. In this position, nod lightly 5 times and then shake your head 5 more times.

Move your finger following the line that marks the eyebrows and repeat the pressure in the central part and on the outside. Then, lower your fingers a few centimeters and press right on the corner of your eyes.

2. exercise for reducgo the bags

Looking forward, support the index and middle fingers on the arch of the eyebrow and press lightly to keep the upper eyelid stationary.

Without moving the upper eyelid, lightly press the bottom with the fingers of the opposite hand until closed. Repeat it 10 times and do the same with the other eye.

3. Exercise to eliminate dark circles

cPlace your thumb in the groove above the tear duct (in the bone that surrounds the eyes) and your index and middle fingers on the head. With the other hand, hold the bridge of your nose with the index and thumb, and rests the other fingers on the face.

In this position, pull your eyebrow up and your nose down. While continuing to press in both directions, move your head up and down and then to the sides. Repeat 3 times and do it all again by pressing the other eyebrow.

4. Exercise to reduce crow’s feet and firm the contour

With the tip of the index and middle fingerspress the crow’s feet while looking up and gently pulling on the skin.

Look now forward. With your fingers resting on the corner of your eyes, open them as much as you can and, as you close them, notice the movement of the muscle. Makes 10 repetitions on each side.

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