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The versatile Kira Miró, on her artistic career: ”I like to stir consciences and make people laugh”

She is an all-rounder, chameleon-like and versatile. A hard-working woman to the point of obsession, but also enjoy of life and long trips to lost places. Live in the present and break down time to face, little by little, the work and personal challenges that arise or are proposed to you. She is competitive by nature and by her upbringing.

Throughout his career, developed in film, television, on the sets of primetime programs and on stage, he has learned that it is possible, but through a lot of physical and mental effort, leaving his soul and body in each project.

Kira Miró (Santa Brígida, Gran Canaria, 1980) premieres the movie From lost to Rio on the big screen. In the small one, she is present in two series, she is Luz in Alpha Males (Netflix) and on Headless chickens (HBO) plays Mariajo, in addition to being able to see her in the feature film by Martín Cuervo, Everybody doeswithin reach on HBO.

He has been making films for 23 years with Álex de la Iglesia, Fernando Colomo, Cesc Gay and Isabel Coixet, among others, but theater is his passion and his refuge.

She speaks calmly, relaxed, from her home in Madrid, where she only misses one thing: the sea.

Kira Miró.

Ruben Fernandez

Who are you in the movie From lost to Rio?

I play Pablo Chiapella’s wife, not very affectionate and decisive, very bossy and demanding of him, who is a good guy who has never left his neighborhood or his routine. A man of jack, horse and king.

What has been the gift of life that you take home after filming this feature?

The gift has been working with Joaquín Mazón. I have met a director who is very generous with the actors, very specific, with a lot of tenderness, who gives a special meaning and place to the interpretation. That doesn’t happen, especially in comedies. A wonderful director of actors.

Alpha Males and Headless chickens They are two very different series, but they coincide in showing the crisis of masculinity. Can fiction and comedy be useful to see ourselves from the outside and laugh at ourselves?

You learn better with comedy than with drama, people receive it better. Not to laugh at them, but to confront us with a reality. In this change in masculinity we are in, there are quite comical moments. It is a transition period in which millions of situations arise, and I think it is nice to tell it.

We are also living this transition, and we have moments in which we do not know how to react because we carry with us an education and a heritage, which we carry with us all our lives, with which doubts also arise or we are lost. And all this is better to take well and reflect it in a comedic tone.

Do you want the characters you play to move away from or closer to yourself? In that sense, what would you like to be offered?

It depends, all the characters have their beautiful things and their difficulties. I love that they move away from me because I can go through emotions and situations that I don’t experience in my real life, or that are not part of my personality. This is very funny.

They all have a part of me, I make them and put my soul, my heart and my body in them.

What do you like most about your profession?

I love new challenges. May each story I tell be different and allow me to go through different emotions. Throughout the year I am constantly thinking and scheming new things, and that is very motivating and exciting.

I like to stir consciences, or simply make people laugh.

And what hurts you the most?

The most difficult thing about this profession is that it is very thankless. You go from doing projects to not doing any, to not being loved or seen anymore. Now you’re worth it to me, now you’re not. The instability, the thought that they might not call you again.

We have seen her as a theater, film and television actress, as a presenter or competing in programs. Is it possible, or complicated, to combine fiction and entertainment?

Well, I started as a presenter, but we were actors, we did a lot of things, sketches and characters. In the 2000s, no one saw me as an actress, they continued to offer me programs as a presenter. So, in order to focus my career and be taken seriously, I had to stop presenting.

I made the decision to resign so that in the castings They will look at me as such. He made that bet. Luckily, in this industry it began to be understood that actors can present, and vice versa. I had proven that I was an actress, and then I was able to present a program again and combine it. I showed that you can do several things at the same time.

What is beauty for you? What importance do you give it and how do you try to balance, in the scale of your life, physical beauty and inner beauty?

Beauty, for me, is in nature. There are people who are not aesthetically perfect, but they have brilliance and serenity, that is transmitted and I find it much more beautiful than another person’s beauty according to established canons.

On a physical level, I relate beauty to serenity, brightness, goodness, and I believe that less is more. The fewer beads a person wears, the more beautiful they seem to me.

What do you think of the dichotomy between what one shows and what one really is, for example, on social networks?

Networks are like that tamagotchi that we had as children, you have to feed it from time to time and take care of it, but without neglecting your real life.

For me, networks are work tools where I promote what I do or what I consider, but at the same time I try to maintain my privacy and my life. What we see is not always real, it is a bit crazy. For me, it is office work, I dedicate just enough time to promote and be active, but without being hooked.

I carry it with as much naturalness and balance as I can. And it is complicated, because there are people who are very hooked, who cannot live without it. Currently, in many projects they select you based on whether or not you have followers. It is very sad that talent does not count or go together with followers.

Besides, it’s no use having I don’t know how many thousands of people follow me if they don’t buy a ticket to go see me at the theater. They’re just gossiping about me, and that happens. People with a lot of followers and then their movies don’t do well. That should be learned a little by now.

The actress Kira Miró.

Ruben Fernandez

And theatre, what does it mean in your life?

It is my lifeline, my refuge, it has always been there. When things have gone worse for me in audiovisual, theater has always been there, and I have had the opportunity to continue staying active thanks to it.

It is where I have learned the most and have formed the actress that I am. It is very sacrificial, it is hard, but it is beautiful to receive the immediate response from the public, day after day on stage, you learn, you live the character and the story from beginning to end.

The theater audience is very grateful. I find it very gratifying when someone who has come to see me says something nice to me. That’s where I get undone, because they have left their house, they have paid the entrance fee, they have traveled half way through Madrid, and then they wait for you and show how much they liked it, or how good it was for them to spend an hour and a half distracted from their work. . It is wonderful.

On TV they watch you from home, that’s very convenient, with the remote they change the channel and there you are, but when they have come to the theater there is a nicer additional interest.

We have seen her as a contestant and winner of the first edition of the program The challenge or presenting the section Kira Miró’s challenges in The Anthill. How much skill and how much work goes into overcoming those physical challenges? Should mental and physical strength go hand in hand?

I have done a lot of sports and have competed in athletics or diving. Since I was little I was trained in the culture of competition, effort and training, so I have that as a basis for almost everything in life.

When I set a goal, I put my entire life into action to achieve it, as I did, for example, in The challenge. Every time I faced a challenge, my life revolved around preparing myself throughout the week, not only physically, training, but mentally.

The brain first tells you that you can’t, but little by little, if you prepare, with work you can achieve it, then you see that you can. You can do almost anything you want, you just have to get down to business, break down the work and go little by little.

And you achieve impossible things. I never thought I could play the drums and I played the song April 20th with Celtas Cortos, which is very fast, and I had never played the drums in my life.

She’s very hard-working?

Yes, almost obsessive.

What is your personal challenge now, and what are the challenges that, throughout your life, you have been achieving?

I think my biggest challenge has been being able to continue eating from this profession, without plan B. It is a daily challenge and a dream come true, both. Because being able to live only from this profession is like juggling.

If you have spikes, now you’re in fashion, now you’re not. I have never had that high peak of success, but nor of failure. I have been supporting myself little by little, doing projects, if it was not theater it was television or cinema, something small, then something bigger. That’s the big challenge.

On a personal level, the challenge is to be able to continue supporting my family, my friends, to continue taking care of them to the extent that my job allows me, because, sometimes, this job is very absorbing and you don’t have a day. Trying to find those little moments for my people, for me.

And being able to travel, which is my great passion, what resets me most of all, discovering other worlds. And it also frees me from the gaze of others, because in Spain, every time I leave the house I am being judged, whether I am or am the one on TV, whether I am more beautiful or less beautiful, all of that. When I go outside I free myself from all those looks, it’s me, and it’s wonderful to meet that Kira.

Are you worried about the passage of time or do you live in the present?

It worries me and I see how quickly time passes, and I have moments of vertigo, sometimes I think: ”I’m already 43 years old, this flies by!”, but I try to be in the present so as not to get overwhelmed, to give it the right importance .

I have short goals, not to get overwhelmed by everything that is coming, but to consider what will happen next week, and that’s how life goes by and I enjoy it.

Do you miss the sea?

Yeah! I am passionate about kitesurfing, I love it. I always try to look for bits of the sea, go to Malaga or Tarifa, escape to the islands. The sea heals my soul.

Do you have summer plans?

This summer I finished recording the series Alpha Males and I have a movie that I start shooting at the end of August. Between one thing and the other, I’m going to be able to take a trip. I’m not sure where, because I’m last minute, but I’m going far away, to discover another country.

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