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The vest is worn as a ‘top’: this is confirmed by style prescribers

If one thing is clear, it is that the world of fashion is cyclical. Garments that we thought would not reappear in our closets are once again gaining prominence years after becoming a trend. Fashions come, they go and, of course, they come back.

The vests, for example, became popular again among consumers a few years ago, after having spent many years in the shadows. They were presented as the essential autumn/winter garment, the one that we couldn’t miss, the one that would accompany us and be our ally during the cold seasons.

However, originality is also characteristic of the world of fashion. Every garment that becomes a trend again is reinvented. The vest does not escape this rule. Therefore, what we used last year as a layer against the cold, today we use it as top.

Yes like top. More and more firms include tops in vest format among its proposals. From the big fashion houses to the boutiques fast fashion, all have begun to market light and short vests, in format top.

Zara and Mango, for example, have a multitude of options available in their catalog for this season. Vest and suit pants sets or vests with details embedded in velvet fabric are the most successful.

Zara vest proposals for the fall/winter 2022 season

Maria Nieto

Courtesy of ZARA

It is clear that the vest has taken on a new life and the influencersas usual, They have not missed the opportunity to join this trend which is increasingly on the rise. International or Spanish, they are all showing up with vests in the shape of top.

Above all, we see them together. He total look It is an easy and safe bet, it always has been and, therefore, this way of including the vest in your style will not fail. Some are made of leather, others are made of fabric, and many of them imitate the look traditional masculine office but, as we said, reinvented.

How to combine the vest in top format

If you want to adopt this trend into your personal style, you will wonder how to combine it. We give you some options that can serve as a guide.

  • Total look: As we said, wearing a monochrome style is in fashion. We recommend you look for a top that goes with other clothes, such as a jacket or suit pants.

  • With jeans: The classic never fails. It is the most comfortable and easy-to-use option. We simply advise you to look for a vest in black or neutral tones that is easy to combine with any type of jeans.

  • With long skirt: Another option is to add a long skirt to match the top. You can include a jacket or a long coat and high boots for the finishing touch.

  • Vest as “overshirt”: The idea is to use it as top, but if you want to protect yourself from the cold a little more you can always wear a shirt and wear the vest/top over it. We advise you to use a more attractive one such as those with inlays or rhinestone designs to give a touch of originality to the style.

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