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The veterinary ophthalmology area of ​​SOS Animal performs cataract surgeries in dogs, cats and rabbits in Malaga

Monday, April 26, 2021, 11:09 | Updated 11:16 a.m.


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The SOS Animal Veterinary Hospital with the Center for Veterinary Specialties is strongly committed to the ocular health of companion animals and has reinforced its veterinary ophthalmology area, expanding the capacity and variety of interventions, techniques and treatments practiced with a very specialized and benchmark service. in the province of Malaga. One of the few centers in the province with the capacity to perform surgery cataracts in dogs, cats and rabbits in addition to practicing other advanced ophthalmological interventions. As if that were not enough, other animals such as Reptiles or small rodents are also seen in consultation and treated by surgery. (eyelid, cornea and orbit surgery), if required, by experts in the area of ​​ophthalmology.

Its about only center in the province of Malaga that has a specialist in veterinary ophthalmology accredited by AVEPA (there are only two in all of Andalusia), the Association of Spanish Veterinarians and Small Animal Specialists, an accreditation that is obtained after having passed several exams before a committee made up of other accredited veterinarians and European specialists in the same field.

Behavioral problems in dogs and cats such as insecurity, fear or aggression derived from eye diseases are corrected after undergoing surgery.

Given the The state of ophthalmological health significantly influences the patient’s quality of life.and can also cause other unwanted behaviors to appear in the animal such as insecurity, fear or aggressiveness, its optimal state will have a positive impact on the well-being of the pet and the family.

In this way, the SOS Animal veterinary ophthalmology service comes to respond to eye conditions as common in pets as they are cataracts, corneal or eyelid problemsamong others, which can cause severe pain and partial or total loss of vision for the animal.

The most common first warning symptoms that indicate that the animal could be suffering from an eye disease They are redness of the eyes, change in color, secretions, pain, constant tearing, increase in the dimensions of the eye and the difference in size between pupils.

«The use of a surgical microscope and the use of microsurgical techniques allows us to use biomaterials to solve these situations that would otherwise lead to the loss of the eye of these animals»

Cataract surgery in dogs, cats and rabbits

Cataract surgery (phacoemulsification) at the SOS Animal Veterinary Specialties Center is a comprehensive service in which patients are treated by specialists in veterinary ophthalmology before and after the intervention, supported in turn by the means with which tells the SOS Animal Veterinary Hospital of which it is a part. And, in addition to practicing the surgical intervention, the ophthalmology specialists previously study each case where Your diagnosis and assessment are issued before the operation. After surgery, Postoperative care is performed by specialized personnel before discharge, continuing follow-up with reviews during the following months.

Cataracts are a fairly common condition that requires surgical intervention. Although they can appear at any age and for different reasons, they generally appear in older dogs. Another risk factor is usually diabetes, it is estimated that around 80% of diabetic dogs suffer from it.

lThe first symptoms of cataracts in dogs are usually clumsiness, a change in pupil color and fear of going down. you will climb as a consequence of the insecurity generated by the loss of vision.

Video. The veterinary ophthalmology area of ​​SOS Animal performs cataract surgeries

Thanks to the provision of advanced equipment (phacoemulsifier) ​​like the one this center has, it is possible to extract the cataract and subsequently implant an intraocular lens designed specifically for the animal and thus recover its vision.

This surgery has a 90% success rate as long as the patient is evaluated preoperatively using various tests such as gonioscopy, ocular ultrasound and electroretinogram.

Currently, cataract surgery is being performed on dogs, cats and rabbits.

Corneal ulcers are always a veterinary emergency

One of the conditions that urgently require specialist veterinary care at the SOS Animal Veterinary Specialties Center is the appearance of corneal ulcers. This eye problem is more common in brachycephalic animals (dogs and cats with excessively short, flat snouts and proportionally very wide heads).

Deep ulcer with high risk of ocular perforation.

SOS Animal

Other interventions carried out by the ophthalmology area of ​​the SOS Animal Veterinary Specialties Center

In addition to cataract surgery, the specialist ophthalmology team at this center performs other surgeries such as corneal surgery, eyelid surgery, lacrimal system surgery, intraocular surgery (glaucoma) or orbital surgery, among others.

SOS Animal

A very human and professional team with extensive experience

Dr. Sira García has been joined by Dr. Cristian Cabo, a veterinarian specializing exclusively in ophthalmology since 2013 and the only veterinarian accredited in ophthalmology by AVEPA in the entire province of Malaga (there are only two in all of Andalusia). Both are supported by Mercedes Hernando, Veterinary Technical Assistant specialized in the same area who has extensive experience and experience that supports the rest of the team both inside and outside the consultation.

In this way, specialized treatment is guaranteed from the first moment you come into contact with the center, with support, advice and constant monitoring and resolution of doubts about treatments, cleaning, care, etc. always with the help of personnel with specific training and experience in the matter.

The ophthalmology service and the SOS Animal Veterinary Hospital support and reinforce each other

Being part of the SOS Animal Veterinary Hospital, the veterinary ophthalmology specialist service is reinforced and complemented by the rest of the specialties and equipment of the same hospital, as well as by the immediacy when performing other tests or complementary treatments when during your examination symptoms of another disease could be detected, in addition to exploring other possible causes of the problem. In turn, the veterinary ophthalmology service reinforces and complements both the SOS Animal Veterinary Hospital and the Galacho Veterinarios Group clinics as well as the rest of the veterinary centers in Malaga that may require a veterinarian specializing in ophthalmology.

Where is it located?

Although the SOS Animal Veterinary Hospital and the Veterinary Specialties Center are part of the same center, both have independent entrances.

SOS Animal Veterinary Specialties Center

Veterinary specialists in ophthalmology, traumatology and neurology

Calle de Saint Exupéry, 5 – In front of Carrefour Alameda (High Cover)

952 317 692 |

Oftalmología veterinaria

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SOS Animal Veterinary Hospital Málaga

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Calle Splenger, 20 – 29007 Málaga – In front of Carrefour Alameda (High Cover)

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