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The wedding season begins: the keys to choosing the perfect clothes for each celebration

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With the arrival of spring and good weather comes the starting signal for the season of celebrations and I would dare to say that this year with more desire than ever. That joy is being recovered as we knew it until the pandemic and without a doubt the hope of enjoying those moments of fun again without imposed restrictions.

The wedding of your best friend, communion from your nephew, a graduationa christening or a party at the Casino are undoubtedly becoming the big ones hits of the season to mitigate, without a doubt, the effects of the darkest times, of wars, the pandemic and its devastating consequences.

Accustomed to the functionality and comfort of these last two years of containment, where exaggeration and exuberance for aesthetics were stored in a drawer, it is time to bring out our best artillery. Let’s make an ode to the color explosionand that our looks of perfect guest be the new yardstick as a reference for evolution.

Everything is changing and guest outfits are also evolving and I would dare say that towards a very sophisticated, more elegant, more refined and truer aesthetic.

He protocol is relaxing, just a little, eh?, giving way to letting us shine with our best style. This does not mean that we can forget certain rules that must be taken into account when attending a wedding.

The fundamental premise when choosing our look It is letting the bride shine, it is just as bad to fall short as to go too casual, or to choose something excessive.

What is our objective? make ours outfit a memory full of charm and most importantly: that it carries our personal touch. It’s time to play without overlooking the minuses, in fact, you’ll see that it’s easier than it seems.

When the wedding is in the morning

When choosing our outfityou must take into account the style of the hosts, the closeness we have with the couple and if it is a civil, religious or even beach wedding. A wedding in the countryside with very romantic dresses is not the same as a wedding in the city with more sophisticated dresses and accessories.

The appropriate thing for a tomorrow wedding is to opt for a short or midi dress (but not too high above the knee), and that adapts to your figure. Only the godmother and the bride’s special friends can attend a daytime wedding.

Dare with cheerful colors, simple fabrics without glitter or sequins. Two-tone dresses, asymmetrical dresses, ruffled and structured dresses are trending. For those who wear a dress, a good option is a suit with a fluid jacket or a sophisticated jumpsuit in soft colors, a real success. Avoid large necklines, and prioritize discretion and femininity.

Let yourself be carried away by the prints more current, but with soft and natural colors: such as makeup, a grayish blue, pearl gray, jade green, the range of pinks or the color of the year, Veri Pery. Beam matches with plain shoes and accessories, pastel shades, nude or neutral are a good option. Nails party sandals They will give it an elegant and glamorous touch.

Tomorrow’s weddings are the perfect occasion to show off a headdress, hat or pamela. If you decide, you have to know that the protocol states that you should not take it off until after eating, so the ideal is for it to be something that is comfortable.

If you feel like wearing a headdress, opt for one that is discreet and suits your style otherwise you will feel dressed up. You can use the headdresses in any season of the year, but in the Tomorrow’s weddings avoid rhinestones or very striking details. The hats only for daytime weddings (between March and October).

As for the colors in the clothes we choose, except black and white, all colors have a place and especially for you those that favor you the most according to your chromatic harmony.

As a golden rule You should not choose white for your lookyou can only wear white if the dress code of the wedding specifies it or if it is an Ibizan wedding that is celebrated on the beach. Did you know that this is a very common custom of ours? Do you remember Princess Kate’s wedding, her sister Pippa Middleton, she was wearing a fabulous white lace dress, there the tradition is for her sister to wear white.

He black is not for daytime weddings, is a color that is associated with mourning or moments of sadness. I already know that black is stylish and is synonymous with sophistication, but to wear it as a guest, reserve it better for evening weddings. As a curiosity, in the past, black was the preferred color for brides, since it symbolized power and luxury, but with the arrival of Coco Chanel’s “Little Black Dress”, it began to become popular as a color synonymous with elegance and good taste. and especially for nighttime celebrations.

The best leather and classic shoes, leave the excessively high and wide heels for other more informal parties. If possible, they should be closed or slingback and with a medium-height heel. At daytime weddings, flat shoes are also allowed for those who can’t stand heels.

He bagthe great companion for every woman, both for a daytime and afternoon wedding, will always be a type of hand. clutch and without a strap. It can be made of different materials, but avoid sequins and rhinestones if it is a daytime wedding. It’s always more elegant.

That it is neither too big nor too small, enough to fit your cell phone, and something to touch up. Ah! If possible, bring a chain or a silk cord so you can hang it, and give it your all on the court!

The bag does not necessarily have to match the headdress or the shoes, this tip I love it because it will give it sophistication and a he ne sais pas quoi to the outfit.

He make-up It should be another complement, for a daytime wedding opt for shades in pastel, soft, spring, blue, earth, pink, and others that go with the dress. Highlight the look without going overboard and the lips with light tones, simple reds, corals or nude tones. The glosses will provide light and naturalness.

When the wedding is in the afternoon or evening

He cocktail dress It is the best option for evening weddings, although the long dress is the other alternative. The rhinestones and sequins In these weddings they are very welcome, you can even wear straps, more pronounced necklines and a bare back, but if the wedding is religious don’t forget the shawl. There are other options between jacket suits with skirt and blazeror straight pants and blazer. Even a bun It can also be a very elegant choice.

For this type of wedding, sunset and night dictate a more formal atmosphere and there are many options, styles and models. But be careful with trends, no matter how much they are worn, we always have to take into account where we are going.

My advice is that you choose timeless designs that stand out for their good taste and elegance, and that are not strident or too provocative. Don’t forget that this is a civil or religious celebration and not the Oscars.

If you choose a spectacular evening dress, use discreet jewelry. If the dress is discreet, you can choose jewelry that make it stand out. The important thing is to always seek harmony between look and the accessories you use since wearing excessive jewelry is not elegant and can overload your look. And look for a balance between the accessories chosen so that you don’t look like a party.

No pamelas or hats at late night weddings, but you can wear headdresses if they are discreet. I love headbands in all their versions as a headdress option, the most chic thing for afternoon weddings.

He bag must also be hand-held. Perfect with sequin or rhinestone motifs, however, to avoid falling into excess, it is always better to wear dresses in plain tones. He clutch It is the bag par excellence at weddings!

Regarding footwear, it is recommended high thin heel shoespreferably sandals, or leave the heel open with mule-type shoes – closed at the front and open at the back with high or low heels.

At night weddings you can use a most exquisite makeup. Intensify the eyes more and on the lips go for strong and intense colors. And no sunglasses!

Now it’s your turn to look for that garment that will make you feel glamorous at the event of the year.

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