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The women of Daniel Lacalle: the 10 female references of the economist, from Alaska to Judy Shelton

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    A reference of Spanish pop, Alaska

    When I arrived in Spain after a few years living in the United Kingdom, and thanks to a record store, Bangladesh, and one of its regulars, the head of Dro records, Servando Carballar, I saw the Madrid scene emerge. I was impressed by one of its references: Alaska.

    She was, and is, unique. He didn’t care about combining disco with punk and pop, and he doesn’t care at all about the labels they try to attach to him. From the Pegamoids to Dinarama and then Fangoria has always been an example of freedom and independence.

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    A politician, Esperanza Aguirre

    Minister of Education and Culture, first woman President of the Senate and President of the Community of Madrid. Example of coherence and determination, against all odds, to defend freedom. Always with clear ideas and the conviction that we are not wrong, fighting the cultural battle without complexes.

    His book “Sin Complejos” shows the way to achieve a liberal and united center-right and in “Yo No Me Callo” there is constructive criticism, but, above all, conviction. A free woman, despite whoever weighs her down.

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    A Spanish economist, María Blanco

    An example of academic rigor and at the same time dissemination capacity that transcends the economic sphere to delve into social issues of enormous relevance. Her book “Aphrodite Unmasked” is essential reading on liberal feminism.

    In addition to being an excellent friend and a better person with a wonderful family, It is always a voice that brings balance and sanity to the debate.

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    A reference for the future, Princess Leonor of Borbón

    I value immensely the great responsibility she has accepted since she was a childand that few of us would be willing to assume taking into account the great inconveniences and personal renunciations that it entails: a life given and dedicated to others.

    with his exquisite academic training, his demonstrated work spirit and his charisma, Princess Leonor is a promise of professionalism and seriousness that will strengthen the Monarchy, a fundamental institution in the stability and prosperity of our country. She has all my gratitude and appreciation.

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    An example of social initiative. Pilar García de la Granja

    Journalist, mother, friend, and a woman who becomes stronger with problemswho is capable of carrying out any project with a smile and tireless work. Maturity, common sense and effort.

    His Querer Foundation aims to educate, research, disseminate and raise social awareness of children with special needs., specifically those based on rare diseases that have Language Disorders in common. Children with difficulties that may be in communication, understanding, socialization… and who, in addition to facing learning problems, may have problems with isolation and even abuse in conventional centers. The Foundation is a great defender of Education with capital letters, different and personalized for different children.and aims to provide them with education and skills that facilitate their inclusion in society as they grow up.

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    A thinker, Ayn Rand

    His work “Atlas Shrugged” is essential reading for lovers of freedom.. A woman committed to the truth who was ahead of her time as an example of independence and true feminine power: that of reason.

    Born in Tsarist Russia, she lived through the communist revolution and was educated under this regime. She was finally able to escape the Soviet Union in 1926 to go to the United States. It was in Hollywood where she began her career as an internationally famous screenwriter and writer. Philosopher and writer has left a legacy of thought and essential books for liberal thought. A true icon of the 20th century.

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    An example of fighting against what is established in North American Rock, The Runaways

    That of doing a rock group with only women where they played their own instruments and gave the battle of girl power It wasn’t typical years ago.

    Even more atypical is that this band has produced two great soloists like Lita Ford and Joan Jett who have demonstrated their ability to have a spectacular, long-term career and their energy to audiences throughout the United States and the world. It is sad that Lita Ford, Sandy West, Jackie Fox, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie are not recognized her contribution to music, freedom and the emancipation of women.

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    An example of management and art, Tamara Rojo

    Magnificent dancer, choreographer and artistic director, Tamara Rojo’s prestige is international. In Spain she has been recognized with Awards in the Prince of Asturias category or the Gold Medal of Fine Arts. Her career began in the now sadly defunct Víctor Ullate Ballet, but it was in the United Kingdom where she has been able to perform professionally and artistically.

    Royal Opera House Principal Dancer, where I have had the pleasure of seeing her dance on several occasions, in 2012 she was appointed director of the English National Ballet, in addition to being a principal dancer in the company. She has also been a guest principal dancer for the most prestigious companies in the world. Constant (“I was never the best dancer in the world, but I have been the most stubborn”), Rigorous, innovative and brave, Tamara Rojo is a reference in her art and professionand a wonderful ambassador of the Spain Brand around the world.

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    A foreign cultural reference, JK Rowling

    The creator of the Harry Potter saga (1997), the best-selling collection of books in history, which has given rise to films and plays. Her contribution goes beyond a wonderful literary legacy, has managed to turn several generations of children into avid readersthat as soon as the first chapters of Harry Potter began, they were hopelessly hooked on the magical world of Hogwarts and its characters, who have been growing at the same time as the readers.

    His contribution to culture and his courage are immeasurable. Imagination, talent and great courage to defend freedom of expression, despite the attempts at cancellation, abuse and even death threats that she receives daily for expressing her opinions in defense of women and feminism. Thank you for her work full of fantasy and creativity and for her commitment to freedom.

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    A foreign economist, Judy Shelton

    Judy Shelton wrote one of the definitive books on monetary policy, Money Meltdownwhich detailed many of the problems we now suffer.

    His nomination to the Federal Reserve would have been a breath of fresh air if it had happened. As she herself said in a recent talk of ours “we are allies” in the defense of freedom. A great economist and a much-needed voice in the United States.