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The world is divided: gel nails, semi-permanent or natural nail polish?

The manicure It has become an essential part of our looks, becoming a form of expression. We have the greatest example in Rosalía, whose image is inevitably linked to her nails.

The world nail art has discovered millions of possibilities for manicure: nails baby boomer in pastel tones, French manicures with bright colors, geometric shapes… the trends are endless.

But there is not only diversity in terms of colors and shapes, there are also three different manicure techniques: gel nails, semi-permanent nail polish or traditional manicure. From magasIN, We will tell you what each type consists of and the pros and cons of each of them.

Gel nails

Gel nails became fashionable a couple of years ago and since then their success has not stopped growing. There are different types: soft gel and hard gel.

  • Hard gel: It is the most popular, since it is used to lengthen the length of the nail.
  • Soft gel: It is used on those hands that do not need to lengthen their nails and simply want to give them a healthier appearance.
  • Element 3
  • Element 4

How are they applied?

First of all, cleaning is done by polishing the surface of the nails so that the gel can be applied later. Once polished, the dust is removed and the cuticles are removed to achieve a better manicure.

After these steps, a thin layer of gel is applied to each nail and the hands are placed in the UV rays for a few minutes to set. This process is executed several times until we obtain the thickness we want.

Finally, comes the design part and applying the color or shape that we like the most.

The main advantage of this type of manicure is that they remain perfect for approximately two weeks and the nails look longer and more beautiful in just one session. They are much more natural than false nails, as well as a great option for those who bite them because being hard you get used to wearing them long.

But, like everything, it also has its disadvantages. This nail polish is much more aggressive and, therefore, has damage to the health of the nails. They prevent them from breathing normally, they are not in contact with air or sunlight, so they weaken, and keratin stops being produced, so when you remove the gel manicure your nails will look weak and dull.

It is advisable not to abuse this method and use it occasionally or for specific events. It is important to let go a time of rest for your nails between one gel manicure and another so that they recover.

Semi-permanent enamel

It is the most popular technique of all, since its procedure is very simple and makes the paint last intact for more than 2 weeks, supporting manual work and water at different temperatures.

The application is very simple and it looks very similar to a traditional manicure. First, the nails are filed until they have the desired shape, then the cuticles are cleaned and treated. Subsequently, each nail is completely dried and degreased so that the product adheres better.

We move on to applying the different materials: a protective gel, a base gel and the color (acrylic gel mixed with polish). Each time one of these gels is applied, a hand-held UV lamp is used to seal, harden and set the products. The result? Shiny and perfect nails.

The main advantage, as we have mentioned previously, is the duration and resistance, but like gel nails, the procedure is aggressive and also damages the nail. In addition, the service is more expensive than common enamel and you have to go to a specialized salon to remove it, since the color is not removed with normal acetone.

Traditional manicure

Finally, we have the traditional manicure, whose technique is the simplest of all. The nail is filed, the cuticle is cleaned and then several layers of colored polish are applied.

This manicure does not harm the health of the nail, so it can be done as many times as we want and is the most affordable option. Plus, you can pick them up at home with ease. The disadvantage? They last much less and the enamel tends to break easily.

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