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These are the 5 best sports to lose weight according to a Harvard study

Staying in shape depends on numerous factors. Among the main ones, it is worth highlighting correct nutrition and regular sports practice. Some sports, due to their characteristics, are especially recommended.

3. Tai Chi

Tai chi “is particularly good for older people because balance is an important component of physical fitness and is something we lose as we age,” explains the doctor.

In the report, it highlights that this martial art would allow people over 65 years of age to reduce stress, improve posture, balance and general mobility and increase muscle strength in the legs. Helps strengthen mobility and fight arthritis.

4. Walk

Confirmed by experts: walking alone has benefits. Doing it regularly can even increase life expectancy. In addition to improving cardiovascular health, it strengthens the body. As soon as you have a good rhythm, do not hesitate to add the runningwithout excesses so that the joints suffer.

Experts explain that: “If you walk briskly (at a speed of 4 mph or 6 km/h) for half an hour five out of seven days a week, you will walk 10 miles per week. After three and a half weeks, it is “It is possible to lose 1 kilo even if the number of calories you consume remains the same.

5. Racquet sports

Padel fever has its justification: it is one of the most recommended sports for health. Racquet sports are not only key to good physical and moral health, They also improve coordination.

“In many ways, racquet sports such as tennis, squash, badminton, racquetball, table tennis and other variations are ideal exercises for many adults,” says Vijay A. Daryanani, physical therapist and personal trainer at Spaulding affiliate. to the Harvard Center for Ambulatory Care.

“In addition to providing good cardiovascular exercise, they can help strengthen both the upper and lower body. They can be practiced at any age and modified to suit most fitness levels and do not require much equipment,” adds the expert.

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