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These are the best applications for you to practice yoga from home

We live in very stressful times. Domestic chores must be added to the work days. After a marathon day, it is often impossible for us to get to the gym. However, sport and meditation They become essential to take care of ourselves physically and mentally from these frenetic rhythms.

Yoga | Down Dog

With this app You’ll have a new practice every time you get on the mat instead of pre-recorded videos that force you to do the same exercise over and over again.

More than five million people already practice yoga with Down Dog. The app It will allow you to start the beginner level from the comfort of your home and will take you on a journey to Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative Yoga.

All exercises work to strengthen and stretch your back. But if you want to specifically work on one area, you can specifically choose chest flyes, back strength, or lower back.

Yoga and meditation exercise

This app is great for beginners. In addition to learning how to do yoga in 30 days, it will help you lose weight.

The exercises are designed by yoga and fitness professionals and will not require any specific equipment. Its practice will make you feel stronger, healthier, more energetic and in control of your weight.

More than a million people already perform yoga asanas and postures with detailed step-by-step instructions and guides with calm music in the background.

Yoga – Track Yoga

Track Yoga seeks to help you instill the habit of this practice in your daily life. From the application they suggest that you start your trip with them, a team of experts in the activity.

The app, which has more than five hundred thousand users, is perfect for beginners, since the classes guide you step by step so you can progress at your own pace. But there is also a class and program for all yogis or super experts.

As various studies show that regular yoga practice provides enormous benefits for body and mind, they offer some features that will make you incorporate yoga into your routine, such as setting weekly goals or reminders.

Daily Yoga

Since 2012, more than fifty million users have trusted the application. It is a platform that suggests multiple yoga poses, guided classes, and weight loss challenges.

own app remember that start the day with a yoga routine increases flexibility and balance and improves performance in daily activities.

Therefore, it offers classes of all levels and courses that are updated weekly so that you don’t have to repeat the same routine over and over again.

5 minutes of yoga

This application is perfect for doing quick and easy yoga exercises every day. More than five hundred thousand people already trust it.

Each session is created from simple, yet effective yoga poses perfect for beginners. In addition, each of them has clear images and detailed instructions that ensure that all exercises are performed correctly.

So that the exercises are always quick and effective, the app includes a timer that will allow you to maintain the posture for the precise amount of time and each session will take you a maximum of five minutes.

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