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These are the best pharmacy moisturizing creams with aloe vera. Soothe and refresh your skin!

With the arrival of summer in Spain, it is time to highlight that sun-tanned skin, but also to protect our skin to the maximum with pharmacy sunscreens and of course repairing it with allies as effective as aloe vera. A key ingredient that should not be missing in your moisturizing creams this summer, since UV rays can play tricks on us to our skin, hence after exposure to the sun it is important to resort to and if its ingredients include aloe vera even better.

A great cosmetic ally that will help soothe, refresh and repair your skin after exposure to the sun and from which you can also take advantage of its benefits simply with its leaves directly taken from the plant, especially to relieve redness on the skin. But what better way to enjoy its moisturizing and repairing benefits than through Tested facial and body moisturizing creams?

What benefits does aloe vera offer for the skin?

Aloe vera is a plant known precisely for the various benefits it provides to the skin, precisely due to its natural properties and active compounds. Among its most notable benefits we find:

Moisturizing facial cream with aloe vera from Babaria

Facial moisturizing cream with aloe vera from Babaria

This facial moisturizing cream has healing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, the Vitamin E It is a natural antioxidant that acts against free radicals that accelerate skin aging.

In this case, the moisturizing factor is the extract of imperata Cylindricawhich acts as a water reserve and maintains hydration for 24 hours.

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