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These are the cars that women have bought the most in 2022

Women and men have tastes in which gender barely influences. However, at the time of buy a car, Several studies reveal that gender is a factor that affects the decision. They tend to prioritize performance and design; them, color and practicality.

An analysis carried out by DriveK, a European portal for the selection and configuration of new cars belonging to the MotorK group, revealed that women spend 5,000 euros less, prefer gasoline cars and are more informed before making a decision.

The study also points out that the quality-price ratio and utility are the two main variables that they take into account before the acquisition. Do you want to know which are the most purchased brands? According to the study, their favorites are: Smart (47%), Fiat (43%) and Nissan (35%).

The most purchased models

MagasIN contacted different brands to find out which cars were the most purchased in 2022.

Among the companies that responded were Sling. “The model in our range most purchased by women in 2022 is the Honda HR-V, with 40% of sales to women.”

Honda HR-V on the street.


From Toyota they point out that “in our brand in many models there is a 50% purchase by men and women, so it is difficult to give you an answer.”

Now, “there are two models that are bought more by women who are Aygo X Cross and Yariswith 52% and 55% respectively”.

Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid on a street.


Within KIAthe best-selling model this year among women has been the Kia Stonic, “which is among our best-selling models.”

Kia Stonic DCT Test Drive Day.


The ‘top 5’

Although official data on the best-selling cars to women in 2022 has not yet been published. Last July, the magazine I am looking for a car published a ranking of how purchases were going. This is the ‘top 5’ of the cars that women have bought the most (until July) in 2022:

1. Seat Ibiza. The Spanish model is the undisputed leader. It is spacious and has the latest in technology and connectivity.

2. Renault Megane. The best seller among men and second most bought by women. Among its main virtues are its aesthetics, different and daring, and comfort, which is indisputable.

3.Renault Clio. This model has been life insurance for the brand since its launch. It is colorful, pleasant and one of the most comfortable on the market.

4. Volkswagen Golf. The favorite of the most demanding, it has been sweeping Europe since the 70s. The German brand has managed to position itself among generalists and premiumproviding an extra touch of exclusivity.

5. Toyota Yaris. The Japanese model has always been among women’s favorites. Its rounded shapes and small dimensions make it functional and ideal for the city.

Car of the year: Peugeot 308

A jury made up of 56 journalists from forty different countries chose March 8 (International Women’s Day) as the Car of the Year of Women 2022.

The chosen one was Peugeot 308, which has emerged as the favorite against 65 other preselected models.

This is available in Spain from 23,200 euros or 19,700 euros with all discounts applied.

The style of the new generation of the 308 has evolved with a more muscular and sharp design, with a quite sporty cut.

Both bodies are available with the same engines. There are two gasoline or Puretech and one diesel or BlueHDi. In addition, two plug-in hybrid or Hybrid versions are offered, which come with an automatic transmission as standard, combine gasoline and electric engines, and receive the DGT’s Zero environmental badge.

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