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These are the fashion stores that you should not miss if you go to Santander

Luis Alonso, Odette Álvarez, Trinidad Castillo… Santander saw the birth of some of the best designers in our country and can boast of being one of the reference cities in the world of fashion. There are many accounts on networks that corroborate this. It is possible to get an idea of ​​the style of the Cantabrian city thanks to the work of renowned stylist Hugo Lavín, exhibited through the Instagram account “Santanderinians in Santanderamong others.

But why is the Cantabrian town so successful? Where are the spaces of greatest stylistic importance located? We compile some of the best fashion options in the city, with Charo Izquierdo, fashion expert and editorial advisor of magasIN.


If you are a lover of fashion that meets high standards, you cannot ignore Percha in Santander. This multi-brand store has proposals from national and international designers and brands such as Etro, LOEWE or Chloé. Its shop windows are also a visual delight.

Where? Bahia Santander Space, Paseo Pereda 13

From Pink To Yellow

From Jacquemus to Prada… this multi-brand store is another undisputed reference in the Cantabrian city. In addition, it guarantees international shipping.

Where? Hernán Cortés Street, 45


This space brings together designs from independent Spanish brands, some Greek and English, all at a very good price and in an environment full of color and surprises. It is worth stopping by their store although they also ship throughout Spain.

Where? Hernán Cortés Street, 32


This reference is one of the most recent in the city. It has international brands and shares a style with another typical Santander store, Golf, a store owned by the same owner. It offers casual chic designs, on the ground floor of the new Soho Boutique Palacio de Pombo hotel.

Where? Calle de las Infantas, 3


One last reference, it is not fashionable but its offering for objects and homes is completely fashionable. It is a “small family business born in Santander in 2013 with the aim of selling useful and decorative objects for the home, as well as the occasional electronic gadget, toy, notebook or pencil that can be given as a gift. All of them are part of a careful selection in the name of design and good taste”, according to the company itself.

Where? Hernán Cortes Street, 34

Santander is also the birthplace of Antique Sardinero JewelryFounded by Pilar Lobatoa professional with great passion and knowledge of the world of antique jewelry, in 1998. It is “a firm that responds to a profile of clients who are looking for period jewelry, made of gold or platinum, with diamonds and natural stones; they are looking for the exclusivity of a unique jewel and the know-how of the goldsmith of the time, compared to today’s wholesale.

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