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These are the first symptoms of a lack of vitamin B12 in our body

The b12 vitamin It is a member of the group of B vitamins and is present in foods from animal sources. It is a nutritional element that plays a crucial role in the optimal maintenance of neurons and plays an essential role in DNA synthesis. It also plays a role in preventing megaloblastic anemia, a condition that causes fatigue and weakness in people.

The feeling of fatigue, both physically and mentally, represents a form of exhaustion that tends to affect women to a greater extent. This fatigue can arise from various causes, but in many cases, it is linked to a lack of vitamin B12. Were you aware that the ability to effectively absorb this vitamin tends to gradually decrease over the years?

In women, there are several studies that suggest that its deficiency could be related to menstrual problems, such as irregular and painful periods. Additionally, vitamin B12 deficiency could negatively affect fertility in women, while also increasing the risk of complications during pregnancy, such as preeclampsia or premature birth.

We tell you what are the most common symptoms of the lack of vitamin B12 in women and the best solutions.

Symptoms of lack of vitamin B12 in women

Lack of vitamin B12 is a problem that more and more women are facing, especially those who are between 40 and 60 yearsat least that is what emerges from a study published in the journal “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”. Women with a vitamin B12 deficiency that have specific symptoms.

Precisely to be able recognize them and anticipate possible health problems derivatives, since this is an essential nutrient for the formation of red blood cells, for the maintenance of the central nervous system and the metabolization of proteins; Next, we are going to detail the symptoms that could indicate a lack of this vitamin in women:

Fatigue and memory problems

Memory loss and fatigue are two symptoms that can usually be associated with diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia from certain ages, but in most cases they are associated with a lack of vitamin B12, as recent studies of the “Academy of Nutrition and Dietics”.

Benefits of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is responsible for maintaining the health of neurons, the brain and blood cells. A nutrient that, in general terms, contributes to strengthen the nervous system and increase concentration. In addition, it is essential for the formation of red blood cells, cellular metabolism, the metabolization of amino acids and the creation of DNA.

Vitamin B12 is one of the nutrients responsible for reducing tiredness and fatigue and increasing energy. She is also in charge of supply the necessary energy so that the body can cope with all day-to-day activities.

From a physical point of view, this vitamin is essential for our performance. Athletes lose a large amount of minerals and vitamins during training. The contribution of this vitamin and other nutrients will be key to increase muscle mass and regain strength and endurance.

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