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These are the Spanish brands that sell the dancers that are successful on the streets of Madrid

The walkways propose, the street style has. A reality that is often applied in the world of fashion. This 2023, a trend seen in the parades was confirmed with the choice of several influencers: the merceditas.

Stellar footwear from the 60s, it often returns in the collections of various designers: for this spring/summer, Sandy Liang proposed her minimalist version, in black, like Emilia Wickstead, while Kenzo adopted a more powerful tone, red, although it was Skal Studio that reminded us the success of the velvet Mary Jane.

In all seasons, this shoe is presented as a perfect option to combine comfort and style and the streets of Madrid corroborate this. Discover three of the brands that include in their collections some of the most desired models of the moment.


These velvet shoes have become an icon of the street style. As the brand explains, the Flabelus arise from the fusion between two traditional shoes: the Spanish espadrille and the Italian Venetianresulting in a comfortable, resistant, timeless and very versatile shoe.

Among its most notable models, it is obligatory to mention Antonia, the black cotton velvet Mary Janes with black trim, and adjustable buckle closure. The exterior of the shoe is 100% cotton velvet, and the shoe Interior is 100% organic cotton with anti-bacteria treatment. The sole is made of rubber produced with recycled bicycle tires (€84).


Another essential reference in the world of flat footwear is Ganzitos, creada in 2010 by Nieves and Rosa F. Florez.We bet on timeless lines but we adapt them to trends under our own concept of beauty. We avoid ostentation and brand style, we believe that style is in quality, in details and above all in simplicity” explains the duo of sisters. Your favorite models? The Mary Janes, of traditional design. Dana It is one of the reference models, which shines for the combination of aesthetics and quality.

Looking ahead to this spring, he proposes this model in gingham, in a purple tone, with a cowhide lining and sole with the Ganzitos logo. It has a flexible and non-slip floor certified “Made in Spain”, handmade and with top quality fabrics.

Adeba Madrid

Another firm that manages to combine comfort, style and quality is Adeba Madrid. Behind is Isabel Moralejo, stylist and fashion director in different magazines as well as co-founder and designer of Otto et moi and Miss Bubblekiss.

Their shoes draw on different influences, especially geographical, and incorporate details as powerful as bows or studs. His commitment to the “Spain brand” is especially powerful: “We manufacture in Elche, from where we make small productions of exceptional quality with materials from local suppliers. All shoe leathers are certified by the Leather Working Group, ensuring good practices in their production chain with a firm commitment to improve every day to offer a respectful product with the lowest possible environmental impact,” according to the account.

This season, their Mary Janes conquer us in a special way. Lolita Red (€189).

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