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These are the tricks that do work to reduce appetite naturally

One of the reasons why the diet fails is because of having a constant feeling of hunger. For these people, reducing the food intake to which they are accustomed means being very hungry, which can cause them to succumb to their appetite and eat between meals or binge eat, spoiling the objective of the diet.

First of all, if our idea when starting a diet is to lose weight, we suggest that you follow a series of recommendations to prevent the diet from negatively affecting your health. Not any diet is valid. Secondly, if our goal is to reduce appetite or reduce our daily calorie intake, There are several tricks that we can try to put into practice.

1. Drink water

Water helps us feel satiated, so it is advisable to always have a bottle of water on hand and drink whenever we feel hungry.

If the water seems very bland, an alternative and also a good idea is to prepare some infusion, such as green tea. Green tea, in addition to making us feel satiated, is a great antioxidant.

2. Eat five times a day

Establish a diet that has five meals a day and don’t let too many hours pass between one meal and another. Also set certain times for each meal and try to strictly adhere to them.

By having this eating plan, we will keep our body with enough energy to not fail at any time and it will also make our metabolism faster, which will reduce the desire to eat.

3. Eliminate sugar from your diet

You should avoid eating foods rich in refined white sugar, since they provide calories without any nutritional value and they are also foods that provide energy that is consumed very quickly, thus they will make us hungry in no time. They are not satiating foods.

4. Eat foods rich in fiber

Foods rich in fiber are the perfect solution to feel satiated, mainly because they take up a lot of volume in our stomach. Therefore, a diet rich in this type of food, in addition to being healthy, can prevent us from eating between meals.

5. Chewing gum

Chewing gum is a good way to trick our stomach by sending it the false signal that we are eating something.

On the other hand, in addition to making us feel satiated, it helps strengthen the jaw, as well as clean the teeth and have more pleasant breath. Chewing gum too helps calm anxiety and free us from stress Well, if we are anxious people and we pay with food for these feelings related to anxiety, there are many tips that we can give you to alleviate its harmful effects.

6. Stay busy

Boredom can lead us to feel what is known as psychological hunger, that is, we have the sensation of hunger but it is not real that we have an empty stomach. In these cases where we feel this type of hunger, our brain plays tricks on us sending signals for us to eat certain foods.

Keeping ourselves entertained makes our brain focus on the activity you are doing and not have time to create. false hunger signals.

Six foods that will make you feel full

Below we recommend a series of foods that you can add to your diet to feel more satiated:

  • Nuts: They are foods that They contain healthy fats, the fact of being fatty makes them slow digestion, Therefore, they will keep us satisfied for longer.
  • Egg: We should not consume them very often to keep cholesterol at bay, but they are very satiating foods due to their high nutritional value.
  • Fish: especially salmon, pIts proteins and because it is a fatty fish will keep us satisfied. Avoid eating fried fish.
  • Oatmeal: by having a high fiber content, oats will help us not feel hungry.
  • Cereals: In general, all foods rich in fiber will keep us hungry for longer.
  • Potato: avoid eating fries Well, it has a lot of calories because it absorbs the oil very well. It is best to eat them cooked or steamed. Potatoes are a food that will give us a lot of energy and will give us a high feeling of satiety.

Other tips to regulate your hunger level

There are a series of basic tips that will not only help us maintain a balance in appetite and allow us to follow a diet without too many complications, but also will help you improve your health at a global level. Take good note of them:

  • Sleep well: you should try to sleep some eight hours per day, There is no better way to balance our body than by sleeping restfully and for this we need a rest of about eight hours. The reason why it is able to balance our appetite is because at night it increases ghrelinwhich is the well-known “hunger hormone”, while another hormone called leptinwhich makes us feel satiated.
  • Always eat at the same time: The fact of always eating at the same time makes our body accustomed to receiving food at certain times, so that appetite is also balanced.
  • Avoid a sedentary life: A sedentary lifestyle increases our desire to eat. For this it establishes a couple of hours a day to go for a walk or go out to do some exercise, For example.

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