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These vitamins will help you combat the appearance of gray hair

As with wrinkles and expression lines, gray hair is another of those obvious signs of the passage of time that almost no one is immune to. Even so, luckily there are more and more Spanish women who are committed to taking advantage of their gray hair and showing them off like Queen Letizia herself, but if, on the other hand, you dream of delay their appearance or reduce themwhat we are going to tell you next interests you.

And did you know that in addition to old age, genetics, a lack of physical activity or one bad nutrition Can you also advance its appearance? Precisely for cases in which poor diet is the cause, this time we bring you the vitamins that should not be missing from your diet and that will help you prevent and reduce those gray hairs.

How does a poor diet influence the appearance of gray hair?

Although as we have told you, gray hair is part of a natural aging process that occurs when the cells that produce hair pigment (melanocytes) stop producing melanin, it has also been shown that a diet deficient in certain nutrients can affect and accelerate the aging process in hair as well.

The main source of vitamin D is Sun exposurealthough you can also obtain it through foods such as fatty fish, eggs, liver and foods fortified with this vitamin.


It is also important for the production of melanin and hair pigmentation. In turn, it helps maintain healthy skin and bones. Foods rich in copper are seafood, liver, nuts, seeds, whole grains…

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