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They also conquer the microphones: 11 podcasts created by women that inspire us this year

That they have always had a lot to say, yes. That now we hear them more than ever, too. There are many examples that show us, from Spain, that women have joined the world of podcasts with overwhelming success. Not only as listeners, but also We succeed as content creators. There are something for all tastes: fashion, lifestyle, but also cultural dissemination and, above all, with a lot of gender perspective.

The stories that resonate most today are told in feminineand they confirm it from platforms like Spotify to this same newspaper. What are the programs that are trending in 2023? We present them to you in magasIN:

1. ‘Get ready, we’re leaving’

continues to explore the universes of the podcast with a proposal that is as close as it is inspiring, two adjectives that also define the character of those who present it. Cruz Sánchez de Lara —vice president of this newspaper and editor of MagasIN, Enclave ODS and VIVIR— and Charo Izquierdo —editorial advisor at MagasIN— take out the microphones in this weekly space that Since its premiere in June it has done nothing but gain new followers.

Get us excited, steal a laugh and allow us to discover women who break the mold. With these purposes, the program was born, which has already had exceptional guests such as Carme Chaparro, Marta Roblen, Carmen Lomana, etc. You can listen to it on your favorite platforms: Spotify, Ivoox, amazon, Google, Spreaker and ApplePodcast.

2. ‘Stretching the gum’

Presented by Victoria Martín and Carolina Iglesias, two of the comedians who are most devastating in the universe millennialthis comedy space arises from the need of its creators to “rage about all those things that outrage us” and about those that they need to vent loudly in our company.

Since its launch during the pandemic, This weekly format has been accumulating such an impact that in 2022 it managed to win an Ondas Award. That same year, our presenters also set out to go beyond the screen, and they achieved it successfully, filling the seats of the WiZink Center in a devastating show at the service of the best female comedy.

3. ‘We will come out better’

Ines Hernand and Nerea Pérez de las Heras They give voice to a proposal that gracefully resolves all those doubts that confront us in our daily lives, but that we do not always know how to resolve: where our taxes go, what are the rights of the self-employed or why the climate crisis is affecting to our mental health and causing us ecoanxiety. A new current affairs format in collaboration with Podium Podcast that aims to go beyond the margins and make us think.

4. ‘It’s fashionable’

MagasIN was infected smiling air and fashionist by Isa Hernáez and Ari Cascón when he interviewed them in April of this year, and then as now, the program with which these two journalists spread their passion for fashion it has gone from strength to strength.

68 episodes, almost 2 million views on Spotify and a loyal community of followers who listen to two songs every week fashion victims talk about the latest in the sector, but also about other topics that range from the lifestyle to mental health.

5. ‘Two very legal blondes’

With it you can have a laugh accompanied by a Modern Village and another that, in reality, comes directly from Madrid. The illustrator Raquel Corcoles —best known for her online personality— and the comic Henar Alvarez whom we also hear in programs like Goodism good They meet every two weeks in this space to “discuss issues that touch us closely.” It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office or getting ready for a last-minute getaway with your friends: His anecdotes will accompany you all summer.

6. ‘Cyberlocutory’

Obsessions, fears and problems. They come to talk to us about all that and more. Andrea Gumes and Anna Pacheco, two charismatic communicators (and with a lot to complain about) who invite us to accompany them in this experience from Radio Primavera Sound. In addition to serving as a space for your talks, the podcast also invites regular contributors and expand the conversation with her followers by responding to very diverse audio messages.

7. ‘The Lady of Art’

Sara Rubayo It brings us closer to culture with an intergenerational proposal that includes talks with different disseminators and content creators. In her episodes, the historian addresses topics that seek to surprise and show us that Culture is not only available to everyone, but can also be enjoyed through humor and entertainment..

8. ‘The Club of Living Minds’

A bold and intriguing exploration of life itself, as defined by its creator, Rocio Vidala content creator we know better by her pseudonym, the ‘Schrödinger’s cat’. Raised from the mission of value science and your knowledge, the program accompanies us on a journey through the most amazing mysteries of humanity and our role in this fascinating world.

9. ‘Deformed weekly’

With this radio show biweekly, Isa Calderon and Lucia Lijtmaer they join the universe podcast rejoicing us with his particular vision of life and contemporary culture. There is no shortage of laughter, but no irreverence either. in this program that mixes culture, politics and current events under the guidance of two feminist women willing to fight against social conventions on the other side of the microphone.

10. ‘You’re doing well’

A very cool podcast that renounces posturing and filters hand in hand with the journalist Valencian The Forte. Perfect to hear “if you have ever had an expired ID, if you don’t get up every morning at six in the morning to salute the sun, if there are days when you don’t make your bed or you have sent your child to school without lunch”. Come on, if you have a life like that of any other mortal.

11. ‘On the savannah’

Also within this newspaper’s podcast offering, Puri Beltran presents a space dedicated to “the first look of the day” that aims to bring the essence of journalism closer always to the new listening habits of the Spanish. The communicator, with more than 15 years of experience in the radio field, develops different latest current affairs with the help of specialized collaborators. in the savannah We can stay with it from Monday to Friday, from the cover of and listening to it through the main Spanish audio and podcasting platforms.

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