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They warn of the danger of skin burns when using a cream against molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum (molluscum contagiosum) is a fairly common skin infection caused by a virus. It usually affects children mainly, although it can also occur in adults, and manifests itself with the appearance of round, firm and painless lumps on the skin that vary in size. As its name indicates, it is a quite contagious infection since it can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact; by rubbing or scratching the bumps, spreading the infection to other areas of the body; by contact with infected objects such as towels, mats, etc., and, in the case of adults, it can also be transmitted by having sexual relations with an affected person.

One of the treatments indicated for Molluscum contagiosum is Molusinkid skin gel. “A corrosive product,” according to the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps), whose incorrect use can cause chemical burns when applied to healthy skin or mucous membranes.

Given the reported incidents, the manufacturer, Bioglan BA (Sweden), has updated the instructions for use of this drug. In Spain, the company FAES FARMA, SA, in charge of its national distribution, is sending a notice to pharmacies and wholesale distributors that have batches of this product without the leaflets yet updated so that they can personally inform patients about the new recommendations. The outdated Molusinkid lots are: L101A, L102A, L103A, L104A, L201A, L202A.

How to apply it

According to the new instructions, a drop of gel should be applied only to the nodule, taking care not to touch the surrounding healthy skin. If there is more than one nodule, repeat the operation on each of these.

If, even with due care, the Molusinkid product comes into contact with healthy skin or mucous membrane, it should be rinsed immediately with plenty of water to avoid chemical burns.

If it has been applied correctly, you must wait one or two minutes for the product to dry and you must not touch the treated skin while it dries.

Only an adult can apply the product, avoiding manipulation by children. Furthermore, after using it, you must wash your hands immediately in order not to spread the infection and avoid leaving traces of gel on your hands that could come into contact with healthy skin, eyes or clothing.