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This copy of Microsoft Office is not activated

This copy of Microsoft Office is not activated. It is important to have a valid license to enjoy all the features and updates offered by this software.

This copy of Microsoft Office is not activated

To activate an Office application, such as Microsoft Word, simply click its corresponding icon. Upon opening for the first time, you will be prompted to activate the product. To start the activation process, click the “Activate” button.

Why won’t it let me use Word?

If Word doesn’t open, check Windows for problems opening Word in safe mode. If the program opens without problems in that mode, a lack of plugin installation is likely the cause.

Note: All Microsoft 365 programs have their own safe mode. You should not confuse it with the safe mode of the Windows operating system.

How to activate all Word functions?

If you have a document open in Word and you can’t make changes, it’s probably in Protected View. To edit the document, follow these steps:

1. Go to the “File” tab on the Word toolbar.
2. Select the “Information” option.
3. In the information panel, find and click “Protect Document.”
4. Next, choose the “Enable editing” option.

Once you have enabled editing, you can make changes to the document without restrictions.

How to renew the Office license?

To get started, open any Office application, such as Word, and create a new document. If you have opened Outlook, go to the file option or Office account. In the Product Information section, choose Update Options and select “Update Now.” If you don’t see the “Update now” option right away, you may need to click “Enable updates” first. Once Office has finished checking for and installing updates, close the window that says you’re up to date. If you want, you can use the Update Options button to disable updates or view updates that you have previously installed.

What happens if Office is not activated?

The question we need to ask ourselves is what limitations Microsoft has with non-activated copies of Office. After the 5-day trial, most Office functions and features are locked. Although we can still open documents, we cannot use the editing tools to create new documents or edit existing ones. Additionally, a red message will constantly appear indicating that Office features are blocked due to the lack of a valid license. Unlike Windows, where Microsoft allows certain limitations on the use of the operating system, in the case of Office it is more radical, since you must pay to have access to the editing functions that are most important to users.

How do you install Office on a laptop?

Once you subscribe to Microsoft 365, you and your employees can install Office applications. To do this, sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center and select Office Software. Then choose the desired language and click Install. When prompted, choose Run, and when asked if you want to allow this app to make changes to your device, select Yes. Once the installation is complete, you can take a guided tour if you want. Then, close the guided tour and installation dialog box. Please note that this page has been machine translated and may contain inaccuracies or grammatical errors. Our goal is to provide you with useful content. If you found the information useful, please let us know. You can consult the article in English here.

How can I activate my Word without a license?

If you are experiencing activation issues and do not have a valid license for your Office product, you can choose to use Office online from Microsoft. This free suite is available to anyone with a Microsoft account, without paying anything. Simply sign up and you’ll be able to access Word in the browser, plus get 5GB of cloud storage on OneDrive. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can sign in with your old Hotmail account. Office online also offers Excel and PowerPoint for free, with the option to save your files to the cloud.

If you prefer a free alternative to Office, there are other options that offer the same functionalities and also have offline versions. In addition to downloadable programs, there are websites that function as word processors and are just as efficient as the Microsoft suite. For example, Google offers its Documents tool, which allows you to create and format text, change colors, and export as PDF. You only need a Gmail account to access this tool. In addition, Google also offers alternatives to Excel and PowerPoint, such as Slides and spreadsheets, which can be saved or exported in different formats. Although they do not solve Office activation problems, these alternatives can be useful in urgent situations.

If you have discovered that you do not have a valid license, you can also consider purchasing the license for the Microsoft service you are most interested in, and then activating it according to the instructions provided.

How to activate the free Microsoft Office license?

Before explaining how to activate Office with CMD, we want to provide you with some generic licenses that you can use for both the 2019 and 2021 versions. In general, the first two licenses usually work and are still valid today:

– Office Professional Plus:
– Office 2019 License: NMMKJ6RK4FKMJVX8D9MJ6MWKP
– Office 2021 License: FXYTKNJJ8CGB6DW3DYQT6F7TH

– Office Standard:
– Office 2019 License: 6NWWJYQWMRQKGCB6TMB39D9HK
– Office 2021 License: KDX7XBNVR8TXXGX4Q7Y878VT3

–Project Professional:
– Office 2019 License: B4NPR3FKK7T2MBVFRQ4WPKD2B
– Office 2021 License: FTNWTC6WBT8HMGFK9PRXQV9H8

– Project Standard:
– Office 2019 License: C4F7PNCP8C6CQPTMQHV9JXD2M
– Office 2021 License: J2JDCNJCYY9RGQ4YXWMHT3D4T

– Visio Professional:
– Office 2019 License: 9BGNQK37YRRQHF238RQ37VCBB
– Office 2021 License: KNH8DFGHT4T8RK3CTDYJK2HT4

– Visio Standard:
– Office 2019 License: 7TQNQK3YQQ3PFH7CCPPMX4VQ2
– Office 2021 License: MJVNYBYWPYCWV6J2RKRT4M8QG

– Word:
– Office 2019 License: PBX3GNWMT6Q7XBWPYJGGWXD33
– Office 2021 License: TN8H9M34D3Y64V9TR72VX79KV

– Excel:
– Office 2019 License: TMJWTYYNMB3BKTF644FCRVXBD
– Office 2021 License: NWG3X87C9KTC7YYBC2G7G6RVC

– PowerPoint:
– Office 2019 License: RRNCXC64HYW2MM7MCH9GTJHMQ
– Office 2021 License: TY7XFNFRBRKJ44CG83KFGX27K

– Office 2019 License: 9N9PT27V4YVJ2PDYXFMFYTFQT
– Office 2021 License: WM8YGYNGDD4JHDCPG3F4FC4T4

– Outlook:
– Office 2019 License: 7HD7KN4PVKBHBCQYWQRWXW4VK
– Office 2021 License: C9FM63N72FHFJXBTM3V9T86R9

– Office 2019 License: G2KWX3NW6PPY93RJXK2TC9Y9V
– Office 2021 License: 2MW9DN4BXM9VBPGQ7W6MKFBGQ

– Skype for Business:
– Office 2019 License: NCJ33JHBBYHTK98MYCV8HMKHJ
– Office 2021 License: HWCXNK3WBTWJBKYR8BD9XK29P

To activate Office for free with these keys, simply follow these steps:

1. Open one of the Office suite programs, such as Word or Excel.
2. Go to the “Account” option and select “Change product key”.
3. Enter the corresponding license key and activate Office for free, without the need to use additional programs.

We hope this information is useful for you to activate Office!


It is not possible to activate the Microsoft Office license for free. You must purchase a valid license to use all of Word’s features. If your Office license is not renewed, you will lose access to the program’s advanced features. To install Office on a laptop, you must follow the installation process provided by Microsoft. If Office is not activated, access to certain functions and features of the program may be restricted.

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