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This infusion on an empty stomach has anti-inflammatory properties, ideal on hot days

The Spanish Mediterranean diet tops the list of the best diets in the world, and it is no wonder because its ingredients, in addition to being delicious, also have some of the most beneficial foods for health in general and also for women’s health. This is the case of olive oil, but also of a species of perennial plant from the Lauraceae family whose leaves are protagonists in many Spanish dishes and recipes, but now also in one of the infusions that has gained the most popularity in the last year.

An infusion that you can drink as a tea and that stands out for having a strong and distinctive aroma which contrasts perfectly with its bitter, herbaceous and soft flavor. This time, we are not talking about the thyme infusion, nor the ginger infusion. Keep reading to discover the infusion that you can make at home and drink on an empty stomach to lose weight and reduce inflammation.

The beneficial infusion that you can take on an empty stomach to lose weight

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, we inform you that the infusion that you can drink as soon as you get up in the morning to enjoy all its innumerable benefits is bay leaf tea. Yes, that condiment that we often use to cook delicious dishes, but that now you can also incorporate into your infusions.

It is also convenient that the pregnant women avoid taking it, as it could cause a sudden abortion, especially in those cases in which it occurs excessive intake of bay leaf.

Remember that you should not go beyond the consumption of one or two cups of bay leaf tea daily, more quantity would be excessive and not recommended for health.

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