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This is how ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone, works

Achieve a healthy weight It does not depend only on the kilos that our scale shows, but also on the amount of white fat and brown fat of each person in relation to their total body mass.It depends on your diet and of course on the lifestyle and body of each person.

Other functions of ghrelin

Ghrelin not only stimulates appetite and hunger, but it also intervenes in our body by stimulating anabolic hormonesmarking the absence of nutrients, reducing satiety and calorie expenditure.

It also favors the storage of fat, energy savings or a drop in basal metabolism and the search for foods concentrated in calories. The immune system, motility, the functioning of the digestive system, bone metabolism, memory, sleep…

These are also some of the many other activities in which this complex hormone intervenes and which are also associated with the survival of our body.

Tips to achieve a healthy weight

Achieving a healthy weight depends on many factors. To achieve this, in addition to ensuring a varied diet and healthy lifestyle, it is important that you also have the advice and follow-up of a professional nutritionist who can give you the best guidelines to achieve it according to your own needs. .

Even so, these four keys that we give you below can also help you achieve this and influence ghrelin:

  1. Avoid miracle diets: Avoid overly strict diets that ensure rapid weight loss. These will not only put your health at risk, but will also cause a hormonal imbalance, together with an increase in ghrelin levels precisely due to severe calorie restrictions.

  2. Ensure a good rest: Ensuring the hours of sleep that our body needs and a good rest is also closely related to the management we can do of hunger and appetite.

    In fact, poor rest is usually related to a higher level of ghrelin and a decrease in leptin, which causes a greater feeling of hunger and caloric intake.

  3. Practice physical exercise: Regular physical exercise will be your best ally to achieve a healthy weight and iron health, along with helping you reduce the levels of this hormone.

  4. Avoid alcohol consumption: Alcohol, in addition to providing empty calories and not being positive for health, also contributes to the alteration of ghrelin. For all these reasons, it is best to avoid its consumption as much as possible.

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