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This is how the British Royal Family will pay tribute to Elizabeth II on the first anniversary of her death

September 8 is a day of mourning for England, its Queen, the oldest in the country’s history, died in 2022, at the age of 96, and with her an important chapter of the monarchy closed. Twelve months have passed, but her memory is still very much alive and Isabel II He was and is a reference for many and a loved, remembered and respected character. His funeral was massive, but First anniversary of his death is expected to be much more intimate and familiar.

Charles IIIwho succeeded his mother on the throne and has begun to reform the Crown to adapt it to his own way of reigning, will not pay any public tribute. Although they will not be able to avoid the spontaneous acts of the British who will surely fill the doors of Buckingham with stuffed animals and flowers, the King prefers to experience it in private, accompanied by his wife.

The chosen place, however, does not seem to have been chosen at random, as it was one of the monarch’s favorite royal residences and also the place where she died. It will be the Scottish castle of Balmoral who welcomes Carlos and Camila on the appointed day. Just as Elizabeth II did, her first-born son also spends a good part of his holidays there and, although he is already immersed in his official agenda, this start of September has been in Scotland, where he has presided over several events.

The Kings and Princess Anne, in Scotland.

British Royal House.

Although the fact that there is no royal tribute may seem striking, the truth is that according to monarchy experts There is no formal protocol that dictates what you should or should not do. to commemorate important death anniversaries. “It depends on them. It is highly unlikely that we will hear from King Charles that day“explained Richard Fitzwilliams, a Buckingham Palace expert in the British press. That does not mean that they do not make some public statement, through the Royal House website or their social networks, praising the figure of the missing Queen. .

There will also be a symbolic gesture, which consists of Ring the bells of Westminster Abbey, a tradition that takes place on the anniversaries of kings. In addition to the launch of 21 salvos in London parks. The fact that there is not going to be an official family reunion has advantages for the Windsors on an informative level: the non-presence of the dukes of sussex In it it will not be news nor will it make headlines in the national and international press. Still, it is very likely that Prince Harry has some memories for his grandmother, whom he adored. Those days, the couple will be in Germany for the celebration of the Invictus Games.

As to William and KateSeptember 8 They will visit the Cathedral of Saint Davidin south Wales, where they will be on an official visit, and it is more than likely that they will dedicate a few words to Elizabeth II. Much more media will be the moment when what would have been the monarch’s 100th birthday is commemorated, in 2026, when a great display is planned.

Elizabeth II, at Balmoral Castle.


The British government announced on September 3 the creation of a commission in charge of working on a permanent memory project in tribute to the Queen. A fascinating task for this commission, chaired by Robin Janvrin, former private secretary to Elizabeth II, and made up of political figures, experts and royals. “It will be a unique challenge to try to illustrate to future generations our late Majesty’s extraordinary contribution to our national destiny during her long reign,” Jarvrin said.

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