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This is Mercadona’s long-lasting lipstick that is amazing and costs only 3.50 euros

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Masks have divided positions on lipstick. There are those who decided stop painting them since they were not shown due to the obligation to use the mask in closed spaces, such as offices, and even open spaces.

Others, however, have opted for permanent to avoid the ‘clown smile’ that we can end up with if we put on lipstick and put the mask on.

Now that the measures are relaxing, the obligation to wear a mask in the street has disappeared and we see each other’s faces againlipsticks are once again a essential in beauty routines.

But, since masks have not completely disappeared and it does not seem like they will disappear from our lives anytime soon, the fixity of lipstick seems essential.

Need long lasting lipsticks that also give a touch of color to the makeup.

Deliplus ‘Color Fix’ Lipsticks

We don’t need to spend a fortune to get them. Deliplus launched a line of long-lasting lipsticks in 2017 that continue to be successful and cost only 3.50 euros.

It is about the ‘Color Fix’ lipstick. We are going to find the ‘Color Fix’ in bar format in eight shades, with a creamy texture and a matte finish. Its main advantage, apart from the economical price, is that they do not dry out the lips and they are comfortable to wear. Plus, they have a pleasant vanilla or chocolate smell.

Although it may seem incredible, these lipsticks last several hours. This is very useful, both during the day and at night, if we go out to party or if we are going to spend eight hours in the office with a mask.

We can find them in the beauty section of any Mercadona.

Extend the duration

Although these lipsticks are going to last us several hours, we can apply some tricks that will prolong the duration.

If we are going to party, it is important exfoliate lips and remove dead skin and impurities before applying makeup. In this way, the lipstick is better sealing.

Additionally, it is a good idea to apply some concealer in the corner of the mouth, according to experts. After we outline and we apply the lipstick, all this with our mouth open.

‘Cruelty Free’ Makeup

On the other hand, it is worth knowing that DeliplusMercadona’s beauty and hygiene brand, neither tests none of its cosmetic products on animals.

Joan Roig’s company does not include the phrase ‘Cruelty Free‘ in its products because it considers that it is not necessary to specify it since In 2013 the European Union banned the sale of cosmetics tested on animals.

However, in April 2021 alarm bells went off when the Cruelty Free International (CFI) association reported with images that several animals were being mistreated in the Vivoteca laboratory facilities.

After these events, Mercadona publicly stated that no Deliplus product is tested on animals.

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