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This is Paloma Porcel, the voice of Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘And just like that’

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18 years ago, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) said goodbye – momentarily, although she didn’t know it yet – to the world with a reflection: “The most important and meaningful relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.” Thus, and with a walk through Manhattan, she put an end to six seasons of Sex in New York, and to his adventures and misadventures with Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis).

But the legendary series did not mark the end of her love story with her friends – or with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) –: almost two decades – and two films – later, HBO resurrected (almost all) of its characters in sequel form.

And with And just like thatin Spain we once again heard one of the most recognized voices on national television: that of Paloma Porcelwhich has been going on since the second season of Sex in New York arrived in our country –in 2002– giving life to the Spanish version of Carrie.

Just a week after the last chapter of Bradshaw’s new adventure was released, his Spanish voice answers the phone. It’s the weekend and the last few days have been “crazy”. The Madrid actress, who is also the voice of Patricia Arquette, Kim Kardashian or Caterina Scorsone (Grey’s Anatomy), He acknowledges that, although he has continued to voice Sarah Jessica Parker all these years, “returning to Carrie is wonderful.” And he admits that for both her and her co-stars, “it has been a pleasure to dub it again, we had a great time and we enjoyed it a lot.”

The ‘Sex’ revolution

Porcel joined the casting of Sex in New York back in 2002, both in the work of dialogue and direction adjustment as a dubbing of the character of Sarah Jessica Parker. A moment, the actress recalls, “when there were no cell phones in Spain,” nor many other things that are already iconic in the Carrie universe. “The series was revolutionary in many ways,” she says.

At that time, he remembers, “there was no Starbucks, but it was constantly mentioned. We also didn’t know what Pilates was, or feng shui, and very few people knew what Manolos were.” At a time when the globalization of culture was taking its first steps, Sex in New York “he came to educate the spectators.” And that came through Canal +, “a very minority and elitist channel, to which not everyone had access,” he points out.

“We knew that with dubbing we were not working for the vast majority, but we wanted to maintain that type of status of the series and cultivate culture with it,” explains Porcel when asked how they remember the beginnings of Bradshaw and his own. “It was all constant discussions with the client in which I almost always came out on top, although I had to make some concessions,” he recalls. Because, she says, certain adaptations would have put an expiration date on the series.

“Now that I’ve seen it again, I say thank goodness, because we would have screwed up a lot. Nowadays they would laugh at us if instead of Starbucks we said a coffee shop or things that they wanted us to say that were very absurd” , it states.

And perhaps he is right, since many of those things that seemed martian At the beginning of the millennium it has become the house brand of the iconic Sex in New York. As was also the case, Porcel recalls, that there was a gay character: “It was fantastic, and I was lucky because they gave me total freedom to adapt the dialogue and express it as I received it from the original. Because yes, talking about bisexuality, homosexuality, men, women… and above all, having the sexual freedom with which they spoke about themselves was fantastic.”.

And it is precisely that revolutionary vision – and freedom – to talk about topics that no one talks about is what Porcel misses in the season released at the end of 2021. The problem, he says, “is that almost everything is invented; even with non-binary characters have arrived a little late.” But, of course, she assures that she has been there from the beginning, “it was very difficult to overcome Sex in New York. And he confesses: “And just like that It has been correct, entertaining, fun, but Sex It will remain an iconic series, there is a before and after“.

And, beyond small details such as the absence of cell phones, Sex in New York It has not lost validity. “The problems that existed then continue to exist now,” admits Porcel. Because “what was interesting then, is interesting now: love, friendship… and that is the center of the plot and will never go out of style“. And, the actress admits, the good thing about the series is that “it is a hymn to love and, above all, to friendship.”

A life on the boards

Porcel doesn’t like “the dubbing actress label.” And her decision not to define herself as such is a declaration of intent: “I am not a dubbing actress, nor am I a voice actor, I am an actress; period.” And she explains that, although she has been involved in the world of dubbing for a long time, she comes from the theater. “For me, dubbing is another facet of acting.”

Born into a family of actors –She is the daughter of the deceased Marisa Porcel and granddaughter of Pedro Porcel and Asunción Montijano–, acting has always been one of his great passions. The other, he confesses, was veterinary medicine, a profession for which she “didn’t have the stomach.” She came to dubbing a bit by chance, through a family member who encouraged her: “I tried it and it was a world that I loved from the beginning, I find it exciting, I have had a great time and I still have a great time doing dubbing,” she says.

“A good dubbing is one that is not noticeable, that is, it seems that the actor is speaking”

The passion that Porcel professes for his profession goes beyond the telephone line and invades the environment. “I really like what I do”, recognize. And the work of an actor when dubbing “is very generous, because the important work is the person you dub, who is the one who has prepared a character, the one who has filmed it and studied it.” And he confesses: “You, if you do it well, you limit yourself to doing what she has done, to following her guidelines”.

Question: We’ve all seen examples of how good voice acting can save (or destroy) a character.

Answer: There are wonderful image actors and there are more ordinary ones. A good dubbing is one that is not noticeable, that is, it seems that the actor is speaking. And it is true that there are actors who may be very handsome or have a certain physique, but who express very little. For many years things were dubbed in Spanish cinema, for example, at a time when an image was sought more than an interpretation. A dubbing can certainly change things. It can do something very good or something very bad. You have to be very careful. You have to take great care of dubbing.

Q: You have to pamper him, but he is also misunderstood, right?

A: With the world of dubbing there is a lot of hypocrisy. We have had a lot of detractors for years, who first tell you that we don’t speak English because the series are dubbed, that dubbing is a Franco invention, etc. Everything is false. Franco did not invent dubbing, what he did was put censorship on it, but dubbing already came from the second Republic. Spain was a very uneducated country in which very few people knew how to read, and they realized this and from there dubbing was born.

Q: So what is the future of the sector?

A: Dubbing is a service, it is an option. Very important Spanish series have had to arrive that have been sold abroad as The Money Heist so that we discover that another myth is that “only Spain doubles.” No, it folds the entire world. So I don’t think dubbing is going to disappear.

The importance of dubbing was also evident with the premiere of the first chapter of And just like that. Porcelo remembers: “The first day they showed it in the original version and there was a barrage of criticism on Twitter; HBO had to explain and say that they would soon post it dubbed.” Because, for many, some foreign series will go down in history with a voice in Spanish.

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