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This is the manicure business created by two women that has a turnover of 3.2 million euros per year

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It barely has three years of history but the company Hello Nailsspecialized in beauty services for hands and feet, has positioned itself as a reference brand in its sector by closing its annual billing cycle at 3.2 million eurosdespite the health alert situation that is affecting the entire country.

And the best thing is that it has growth potential of more than 300% in the next year 2021.

Hello Nails was founded in early 2018 by two entrepreneurial women in Barcelona, Noelia Gómez and Belén Aventínwho chose create a mixed system of own centers and a network of specialized franchises in nail aesthetics, which applies strict business and profitability criteria in managing and dealing with its clients.

Right now they have 30 active centers in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Girona but it foresees an expansion in 2021 of openings in the main Spanish cities that could reach 60 centers, to achieve a turnover of more than 10 million euros, with an EBITDA of 30%.

Collaboration is also planned for next year with one of the main retail companies worldwide and have a growth plan which, in three years, will lead them to have up to 200 operational centers throughout Spain, and an international strategy focused on the main European capitals.

Your strategy in these times of crisis has been make your way with ‘low pricewhich is very different from the popular ‘low cost’ strategies. In fact, the affordable sales price is due to effective and efficient management, well-defined customer service and service execution protocols, and a very intense commercial action to attract customers, which is developed through various communication and marketing techniques and strategies. and? It is aimed at achieving levels of loyalty and profitability well above the sector average..

Furthermore, the franchise model has been consolidated with a solid company structure, composed of a specialized training center where they provide service to all their associates and a logistics center that will open in the last quarter of this year.

One of the aspects that stands out the most about this chain is the decoration and structure of its centers, very well located and with a Nordic style and cozy that make Hello Nails an aesthetic alternative that helps you disconnect from the daily chaos and the big city.

And, as its creators recognize, andThis is a company created by women and for women, focused on covering not only their aesthetic and well-being needs, but also their emotional needs.through a relaxed environment where women can disconnect from their stress, focus on themselves and feel special.

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