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This is the most trending haircut of summer 2023 (and it looks great)

A good haircut is capable, by itself, of changing a look completely, so choosing one or the other is always something that gives us a big headache. It is clear that the cut in outstanding trend of the year is long hair, But now, in summer there is a very versatile trend that is inherited from the Nordic ones and that you should know about.

Butterfly Cut, the most trending haircut of summer 2023

The Butterfly Cut is the most trending haircut this summer, a cut that receives this name because of the possibility it offers of transforming the hair, but preserving the essence, that is, as if two cuts were worn in one. This is a cut that allows you to preserve the length of a long hair combined with the style and freshness of the bob cut, since it is shorter in the front and longer in the back.

Among the main advantages of this haircut is that you will be able to enjoy two styles in one. By using the Butterfly Cut you can frame the face and make it stand out, thanks to the role played by the bangs and the marked cut on the sides. The other layer is the posterior one, which is longer. For this reason, if it is collected with a low ponytail, the effect of a false bob will be achieved.

It is a cut that is appropriate for different types of faces, standing out especially for those who have an oval face, since they accentuate the natural shape of the face and achieve a greater balance of proportions. On the other hand, it is not recommended for those who have a round face, since it can make the face look wider.

How to style the Butterfly Cut

To create the Butterfly Cut, different lengths must be marked that give it its shape. It is a cut that is created in layers, on several levels. For the first of them, a curtain-style fringe is made that approximates the length of the other slope, which will be the one marked on the sides. You can style your hair in different ways:

  • With soft waves to create a natural look: In this way, you can style the Butterfly haircut with soft waves using a curling iron or a curling iron, and thus help yourself with your fingers to undo the waves and achieve a more casual-looking style.
  • Comb the bangs to the side: The bangs are essential in this type of butterfly haircut, and this means that you can play with their position as you prefer, wearing them to the side or open in front, if desired.
  • Tousled style: If you want to give your hair a casual effect, you can use a texturizing spray on damp hair, then dry it using a hair dryer to achieve a casual and beautiful effect.
  • Half-up half-down: It is a style that consists of collecting half of the hair with a ponytail, leaving the other half loose, which at the same time can be combed with waves, and leaving the bangs loose. It is an ideal hairstyle to show off a casual look.

Hair styles to wear the Butterfly Cut

There are different styles of Butterfly Cut haircuts, which have even been seen on celebrities. Some possibilities are the following:

  • Extra long with waves: One of the possibilities we have to resort to this haircut is to wear it extra long with waves. Jennifer López has always been one of the great champions of this haircut, and she has worn it in different versions, but this has been one of the ones that has suited her best.
  • Wolf Cut with long hair: The wolf cut has managed to remain among us over time, in this case giving shape to the lake hair. It is a hair style that has very short layers at the top, being longer at the end and with open bangs.
  • With curtain bangs: If you want to enjoy the Butterfly Cut but without giving up short hair and the length of your hair, you can create it by cutting your bangs in curtain mode, and then proceed to style it with volume.
  • Relaxed style: If you are a person who wears your hair cut with long layers and your bangs are blunt, you can opt for this haircut style without it being necessary to exceed the volume, but providing movement through soft waves.
  • Clavicut with layers: The clavicut is one of the trending haircuts this year, which can be styled with casual and soft waves to create a butterfly cut style, without the need to cut pronounced layers and without sweeping bangs.
  • With long layers: This is a haircut style that is trending this summer 2023 and has always included long layers throughout the hair, with fringed bangs combed with waves and open. It is an ideal option for all those who want to show off a casual style.
  • Semi collected: There are countless ways to wear your hair up in the butterfly style haircut, but the most versatile of all of them is the one that has half of the hair up, so that a large part of the hair and bangs are left loose and with waves. .

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