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This is the most viral hairstyle with hairpins of 2022

The hairstyle, like the rest of the pieces of a style, works as a sign of identity. It allows us to convey who we are in the most visual way possible. And if we are sure of one thing, it is that this year hairstyles with jeweled appliqués are coming in strong.

It is very important to take care of the way we present our hair, especially because, with a little creativity, the hairstyle can function as another complement. Ponytails with volume, retro buns, multi-position braids and the use of appliqués and jewelry in the hair are some of the many options we can choose from.

As in the case of fashion, Trends regarding hair care and its presentation are constantly changing. Thus, some years, minimalism and discreet updos are more popular, and others, exuberance and hairstyles that do not go unnoticed.

In the case of this 2022 and especially due to the influence of the shows of the different fashion weeks in the fashionable capitals, hairpins are trend (and the more the better).

Forks, one more accessory

The hairstyle consists of covering the entire top part of the head with a large number of silver hairpins that function as a maxi jewelry appliqué.

It is one of the most daring updos of this season and, due to its originality, it has caught the attention of millions of people on social networks. The New York firm Private Policy She debuted this hairstyle at her Fall/Winter 2023 show during New York Fashion Week.

Shortly after we saw influencers as Vanessa Hong Also wear it in New York during the brand’s fashion show Peter Do and, later, to others at Milan Fashion Week. This innovative idea has been imitated by many others who have shared it on their social networks, especially through Instagram and TikTok.

An ideal option to hide dirty hair

Stylists recommend do not abuse hair washing because it produces natural oils that serve to hydrate it and keep it shiny. However, there are some people whose hair has a tendency to get greasy, so they look for options to hide it.

Updos with hair gel or using dry shampoo are some of the most popular options, but why not add a little creativity to your hair? look? This maxi hairpin appliqué will allow you to do so, also including a touch of personality to your style.

On the other hand, this hairstyle is the ideal option for evening events or parties in which you want to be the focus of all eyes. Of course, you won’t go unnoticed, but you will have the most original updo at the event.

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