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This is the red lipstick that suits you according to your skin tone

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The color of lipstick is not a frivolous topic and much less in times of crisis. In fact, the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchillconsidered during the Second World War that it was an essential item since it raised the spirits of the population and opted for the slogan: Beauty is your Duty (“Beauty is your duty”).

And of all the tones, red is the one that, according to all experts, gives the most connotations of empowerment, normality and strength to those who use it, concepts that Churchill understood and that even led to Leonard Lauderpresident emeritus of the company Estee Lauderto establish the “lipstick effect”as the economic value that represents companies in the sector in times of crisis.

But for the effect to be complete you have to choose the shade of red well and not everyone looks good with the same color. The experts of L’Oreal Paris They assure that when choosing the red that suits you, you have to take into account two factors: the shape of the lips and how to combine it with the rest of your makeup.

If you have fine lipswe must avoid the darkest red tones and opt for enhancing the volume with a gloss or a glossy lipstick. And the usual advice when talking about using red: If you bet on the lips, it is better to reduce eye makeup.

The definitive guide to see which red suits you best depends, above all, on your skin. Is for this that I know They have established different categories:

White skin with cold undertones.

To know if your undertones are cold or there is no need to look at the veins on the front of the wrist. If these are blue, you will have a cold undertone. If greener tones predominate, your undertone is warmer.

Rouge Signature by L’Oreal.

What red is perfect for this skin type? Reds that include cold undertones in their nuances and that will add color to your face and highlight the white of your teeth.

In the case of L’Oreal, their advice is Rouge Signature 115 I Worth It with matte and ultra light finish. If you prefer it to have shine, you can try Brilliant Signature 311 Be Brilliant.

Medium-light skin tone

For this type of skin, the ideal It is the pinkest red since it will enhance the natural color of the face. These lucky ones can ensure color success if they choose one of the most iconic red lipsticks with light shades of the pink undertone.

The example would be 297 Red Passion by Color Richewhich also allows hydration of your lips and long-lasting color.

olive skin

In the event that your skin has a shade between yellow and olive, it is better to opt for more orange shades of red because they will provide the face with greater illumination.

In this case, L’Oreal points out the Infallible Les Macarons 832 Strawberry Sauvagea strawberry red lipstick with long-lasting coral undertones and a matte effect.

Golden skin

The lucky ones with this skin tone are the ones who, without a doubt, can enhance the most its luminosity with red. In fact, in this case, the recommendation is pure red.

The proposal for these tones would be the universal red of Infallible 24 hours 506 what they call an intact color without marks or touch-ups.

Medium-dark skin with warm undertones

As we have already explained, we have to detect if we have a warm undertone to our skin by looking at the veins on the front part of the wrist and greenish tones predominate. With these shades, The most flattering thing is to go for darker reds.a palette that ranges from burgundy to eggplant.

It would highlight the skin tone Infallible Les Chocolats 864 Tasty Rubywhich is a long-lasting matte liquid lipstick.

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