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This is the treatment that rejuvenates hands: erases stains and plumps

The skin of the hands is one of the first areas of the body to reveal age.. It is a skin thinner than that of the face, and furthermore, it is exposed to all inclement weather: sun, cold, water, and all external agents and without any protection. And of course, the inexorable passage of time that obviously ages them.

As we age, we lose elasticity and collagen.spots appear and the skin becomes fragile and thin.

We spoke with the Dr. Carmen Lorente, director of the Aesthetic Medicine Area at The Beauty Concept centers, about the treatments available to us to slow down and erase the passage of time in this area.

Young woman’s hands applying moisturizing cream.

“The hands are one of the most visible and exposed parts of our body to the sun, cold, water, day-to-day work and the skin normally becomes thin and stained. Well exposed and above all, they are the area of ​​the body where the passing of the years is most noticeable. It all adds up: spots appear, elasticity is lost, the bones become deformed throughout the body, and in the hands, which are smaller, they are even more noticeable and the veins thicken,” says the specialist.

Do we take bad care of our hands in general?

Today I believe that people take care of their hands and are aware that they have to have special treatment. Gloves are used, creams are applied, but aging is inevitable.

Our hands are our letter of introduction, how should we take care of them daily?

Hydration and sun protection are essential. Physical protection, in the form of gloves, and chemical protection, in the form of sun protection factor. There are many people who don’t like the feel of the cream on their hands, but now there are very advanced formulas, which are absorbed quickly, but there is still that resistance.

Before, women protected their hands more with gloves when going out…

Yes. Before there was a lot of concern about showing off white, well-kept hands. But protective cream has prevailed and almost everyone already uses it, from a very early age.

Regarding hand rejuvenation, is it one of the most in-demand treatments today?

It’s starting to be. 20% of the consultations received at the clinic revolve around hands.

Do men also worry about their hands?

Very few men arrive concerned about their hands, in any case, about their hands, which tend to be stronger and with rougher skin, and as a consequence the bones are more marked. But stains worry everyone.

At what age do women start to worry about their hands?

From the age of 45 we begin to worry about our hands.

Why do women care so much about showing hands that no time has passed through?

Because it is an image of youth. I always talk about the medical part, but the aesthetic part is a continuous demand in the center, from men and women. Hands are our letter of introduction and they are always in the way, very visible when we communicate. It is a very important aspect.

What are the treatments available to restore youth to your hands?

What I like the most are collagen inducers, that is, calcium hydroxyapatite.

For me Radiesse is the treatment of choice for hands. These are personalized and individualized treatments, so there are times when a vial of calcium hydroxyapatite is enough, and there are times when you have to use hyaluronic acid because it will fill us up at older ages. From the age of 70 and 80 you have to fill out a little.

Apart from inducing collagen with Radiesse, which manages to provide a lot of light to the skin of the hands, and thickens it, hiding veins and bones. And always, stains must be treated with peeling or pulsed light. This light has a preference for dark colors, so when a deposit is made, a scab is created and the stain falls off. The stains disappear completely. The hands are left with a uniform tone.

It is as important to unify skin tone as wrinkles and aging. If you treat the skin of your hands, but do not unify the skin tone and leave the spots, we have achieved nothing.

How is it the procedure?

Normally two sessions are carried out according to needs. If you have to remove stains and unify tone, it is treated first.

First step: We apply an anesthetic cream and the entire treatment is practically painless. Once they are anesthetized, the pulsed light is applied, they are cleaned and they go home and after a week or ten days they return to the clinic without stains on the skin of their hands.

In the second part, we address skin thickness and elasticity. We can again use cream anesthesia and apply Radiesse with calcium hydroxyapatite, which for me is appropriate. I make a small puncture at one point and with a cannula we reach the entire back of the hand. It is painless and bruising does not usually occur. Afterwards, a massage is applied and the hands are left perfect.

How long does this process take?

Half an hour in each session. In total one hour between the two days.

What is the price of this treatment?

The application of pulsed light can start at €350 depending on the needs of each case. And the filling is a personalized treatment that depends on each person, and can range around €550.

How long do the effects of the treatment last?

One year. It depends on how the hands are cared for during this period. But after a year, the pulsed light is normally used again and it becomes Radiesse or hyaluronic acid, if it is for older people and they need it.

What is difficult to stop or modify is someone who suffers from osteoarthritis in the joints of the hands…

But I will tell you that it is very hidden. We apply hyaluronic acid in strategic places and make some deposits to hide the bone.

Once at home and after treatment, do you need to take care of yourself in any special way?

Nothing. Normal life and massage, protect and hydrate.

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