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This is what it’s like to train in this women-only gym: sport and fun in 45 minutes

B3B is an exclusive boutique studio for women in which they have developed a unique and proprietary high intensity method that combines Bike, Boxing and Ballet in 45 minutes.

In a magical climate supported by techniques of mindfulness where the client is aware of the entire exercise of both body and mind, the method seeks not only to connect with the class, but also to make the woman feel strong, free and, above all, empowered.

He women only gym It therefore joins the trend of studies boutique which are small gyms that offer group classes focused on HIIT sessions, indoor cycling and functional training.

After the success of the first open study in the Ayala street in Madrid, Its objective is to grow and fulfill the purpose of creating a community of active women who enjoy training and who benefit from the energy and the vitality that sport brings to their lives.

For now, they only have two locations, but they intend to open new studios, create more community wherever they are and participate in projects that improve the lives of women in disadvantaged situations.

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