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This was Sofía’s debut at UWC Atlantic College: her first pose and a noisy welcome

The youngest daughter of the Kings is already in Wales, ready to begin one of the most exciting stages of her life as a teenager. Although Zarzuela will try to ensure that her stay at the UWC Atlantic College is marked by privacy, Sofía has starred in her first perching at St. Donat’s Castle. As happened with the images provided by Casa Real of the farewell, these at school are also very different from those at the Princess Eleanor of 2021.

Firstly, because of the style chosen by the Infanta, much more informal and with a touch hipster novel that also fits very well with the spirit of the boarding school. Besides, the body language and attitude of both in front of the cameras it is very different. The new student appears radiant, smiling and posing in different rooms.

They are photos less protocol and very natural, as befits the position that Sofía occupies in the institution. Radiant and visibly excited, the royal arrived after a long trip, first by plane to London, then by bus until reaching the valley of Glamorgan, where the center is located.

The Infanta, on the way to the castle.


The reception of the daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia He was in trouble, since when he arrived at the boarding school it was raining, something not unusual in Wales, by the way. As is usual, the second-year high school students welcomed the new arrivals with banners that read: “Welcome” and also with a noisy cacerolada animated with dances. It was not a surprise for the Infanta, who already knew this anecdote thanks to her sister, the Princess of Asturias.

This festive atmosphere is ideal for this first week of adaptation, in which you can meet your new colleagues. On September 5, his new life begins. You will have to get up early, because classes start at eight in the morning and finish around one. Apart from this academic calendar, students must complete “a minimum of two hours of community service, two hours of physical activity and two more hours of creative activity each week. These sessions take place in the afternoon, at night and on weekends.” This is established by the center’s rules.

Every Monday afternoon Sofia will have a tutorial with your personal tutor followed by an assembly or other community meeting, where attendance is mandatory. Regarding the schedule, from Sunday to Thursday they have to be at their respective homes at 9:30 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays they can return at eleven at night. You are allowed to leave the center and visit the surrounding area.

Sofía poses at the UWC Atlantic College facilities.


Not only that, the internal life of UWC Atlantic College is very intense, full of activities aimed at promoting interculturality, concern for the planet and solidarity work. Sports and art are also very important, with music and painting rooms. An ideal environment in which Students are asked for independence and maturity. “A responsible attitude of students towards their studies and their life here is considered a key factor in becoming true citizens of UWC,” they say.

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