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‘Total Face’: this is the treatment that prepares the face for the coldest months of the year

Autumn is the perfect season to regenerate the skin, after the ravages of summer and prepare the skin for the drop in temperatures. After the attacks that the skin has suffered during the summer period (sun, chlorine, saltpeter…) it is damaged and must be repaired.

There are many treatments that beauty centers offer to recover and rejuvenate facial skin. We spoke with the beauty expert Lola Sopeñawho runs his own center, who assures us that “the first step of any treatment is good skin hygiene, the essential prior step to free it from dead cells and thus facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients that you will subsequently receive in form.” of treatment.”

Facial Cleansing

First, all dirt is removed with a moisturizing cleanser. A deep double facial cleansing is performed with the help of diamond tipsa non-invasive treatment that performs a microdermabrasion using different levels of intensity to exfoliate the skin and extract dead cells with a machine, without attacking the facial skin.

The goal: to gradually polish the layers of the dermis and stimulate collagen production. The procedure is painless, and it is possible to apply the diamond tip on all types of skin, even the most sensitive.

Afterwards, a powerful cocktail of active ingredients with vitamins and let it act for a few minutes. With skin full of active ingredients a mask is applied. After 15 minutes he leaves and spread a moisturizer with sun protection factor.

With this treatment, which lasts approximately 50 minutesyou get firmed, rehydrated, nourished, revitalized and luminous skin.

The before and after of Lola Sopeña after the Total Face treatment.

Anti-aging treatment

“At this time of year, my clients ask me for a complete facial rejuvenation, that is, to take 10 years off of them, and the alternative I give them to a face lift is a Total Face treatment, which I also do once myself. a year,” says Lola Sopeña.

And he continues: “In this case, we work with vials of hyaluronic acid, tension threads and botulinum toxin, above all. “It is about carrying out an à la carte treatment according to the needs of each case.”

“The duration of the results is one year, except for the toxin that must be applied twice a year, and the price is, depending on each case, from €1,500,” he concludes.

Facial rejuvenation

exist many techniques indicated for reduction or elimination of wrinklesfor eliminate bags or dark circles and to treat the sagging and improve facial oval.

He Lola Sopeña Center performs personalized diagnoses to detect specific needs. The star treatment for this fall, ‘Total Face’, is a global anti-aging solution that uses Botox to relax muscles, prevent and treat expression lines, and vials of hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyopatite and vitamins to provide volume and achieve a hydrated appearance. YoIncludes the following treatments with microinjections:

Calcium hydroxyopatite injection

It is one of the most demanded treatments, which help recover the skin naturally and without surgery.

It is used to correct volume losses in cheekbones and nasolabial folds, to redefine the facial oval and improve sagging cheeks and neck.

In addition, it is also used to combat sagging of the inner face of arms and thighs.

The microparticles of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), suspended in an aqueous gel that It is a filler considered a stimulator of the skin’s own collagen.

Its main advantage is that it is a substance biocompatible, identical in composition to the mineral part of the bones and teeth of our body. That’s it biodegradableso it adapts to the changing needs of the face.

Their effects are long termsince, although the body absorbs the gel, the calcium hydroxyapatite particles remain in the subcutaneous area for two yearsapproximately.

Botox to eliminate wrinkles

ANDIt’s one of the star treatments of autumn. It serves to reverse the damage caused by the sun and eliminate expression wrinkles, while try freshness and a rejuvenated appearance.

Fillers with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found naturally in the body and providing an extra boost through the painless microinjection technique is a rehydration that restores firmness and volume in the most delicate areas of the face.

Multivitamin facial treatment

It is a treatment full of nutrients that restores vitality to the facial skin after the summer. The goal is to achieve fresh and luminous skin.

The treatment is combined with the use of red light to regenerate the skin from within.

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