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‘Tradwife’: the controversial trend of women who want to be housewives submissive to their husband

More and more women brag on social networks about doing all the housework, raising their children, making their husbands happy and being beautiful and elegant. Its about motion tradwife (traditional+wife, submissive wife).

These women They reject equal rights between men and women and criticize those who do not have children or a (male) partner.

One of the best-known profiles and blogs is The Darling Academy by Alena Kate Pettitt. She is also the author of books like Ladies like us (Women like us, The Darling Academy, 2016).

Fascinating femininity

For these housewives, undoubtedly their Bible is Fascinating Womanhood (Fascinating Femininity), by Helen Andelein (Bantam, 1963). According to this book, the key to a happy marriage is “ideal femininity” with which men can be “manipulated.”

The author’s daughter, Dixie Andelin Forsyth, told the magazine along these lines Stylish that “the movement is increasing because women they’ve had enough feminism in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.” She thanks feminists for “the pants,” but stresses that they see life in a different way

Another of the most read books that these women are inspired by is The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands (Proper Care and Feeding for Husbands, Harper Perennial, 2006), by Laura Schelessinger.

In its pages, the author reminds women that “taking proper care of their husbands and submitting to them means ensuring the happiness and satisfaction they long for in marriage.”

‘Tradwife’ on social networks

Low hashtags like #tradwife, #esposasumisa or #mujersumisa today we can find thousands of publications from women that support the idea of ​​returning to the concept of submissive housewife: a woman willing to please her husband and children, do household chores, and look pretty and elegant for her husband.

These are declared antifeminists and they do not agree with women deciding not to start a family and prioritizing their professional lives. They, according to ABC, have preferred to “rescue their femininity” and occupy their rightful place according to “biblical principles.”

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Escape from exhaustion

Although the majority of women followers of this movement are white, the number of women continues to grow. black women that supports him.

Many of them claim that traditional marriage is the key for black women to free themselves from overwork, economic insecurity and the stress of trying to survive in a hostile world.

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Now, as anticipated Refinery 29these rarely share information under the hashtag ‘tradwife’, they do it using #blackhousewife. On TikTok, more and more people express that they feel “scammed” by feminism and professional ambition.

They explain that for this reason they have decided to redirect their energy to defend the idea that a woman’s place is in the home, doing housework and raising children.

In any case, it can be no coincidence that the rise of this movement comes at a time of economic instability, a worsening climate crisis, and deteriorating government systems.

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