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Tricks for using olive oil in your hair

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Did you know that olive oil, in addition to being the most used vegetable oil in Spanish kitchens, can also be one of the best beauty allies? And we are not only talking about the many cosmetics with olive oil that can be found on the market, but also about the numerous benefits that this liquid gold can also bring to the health of our hair. In fact, olive oil helps strengthen our hair follicles, improving the appearance and health of our hair.

A true beauty ally perfect for hydrating, strengthening and accelerating hair growth. So it is not surprising that extra virgin olive oil and its benefits have made it one of the most popular and best valued oils in recent years, when it comes to beauty treatments. Below we detail some of its most beneficial applications on hair and the best routines and treatments to apply it and show off your hair.

Benefits for hair

Dose of hydration for dry and damaged hair: Its essential fatty acids help nourish and hydrate hair deeply. So it can be a very good option to recover the health and good appearance of our hair, especially if it is curly, dry or damaged hair.

Relieves scalp irritation: Another benefit of olive oil and its softening effect is that this can be the most effective natural treatment to treat any scalp pathology in which there is irritation or itching.

Reduces hair loss: Its high concentration of Vitamin E and C helps generate and strengthen the hair strand, also fighting against split ends and preventing hair loss due to breakage.

Promotes hair growth: Another benefit of Vitamin C in olive oil is to stimulate collagen production. This in turn helps strengthen the hair follicle, helping hair grow healthy and preventing or reducing hair loss.

Eliminates frizz or frizz: Its very good moisturizing properties act as a conditioner and in the case of very porous hair, it helps prevent frizz, even on rainy days.

How to use olive oil on your hair?

If after knowing all the properties and benefits that olive oil can bring to your hair, you are already thinking about how to apply it to get much more hydrated, shiny, strong and silky hair. Here we give you some tips that you can put into practice to achieve it. Take note.

Olive oil mask (deep hydration): There are many homemade masks in which you can combine olive oil with other natural ingredients. But without a doubt one of the most hydrating and effective is what you will achieve simply with your extra virgin olive oil. This type of oil has all the antioxidants and nutrients that your hair needs, so it will leave it shiny, healthy and very hydrated.

To try it you will simply need to apply the oil (two or three tablespoons of oil) to your hair from the scalp to the roots (in the case of having an oily scalp, only from the middle to the ends) and let it act on the hair for a minimum. 30 minutes and if you dare even all night. Afterwards you will simply have to rinse it very well with warm water and your usual shampoo and with two or three washes to completely eliminate any traces of olive oil that may remain.

Mask with olive oil, egg and honey: Another mask option is what you will achieve by combining the benefits of olive oil with those of egg and honey. On the one hand, the egg will help eliminate dandruff, provide luminosity and leave hair soft and silky; while honey will also act as a softener, hydrate, purify and help combat premature hair loss and aging. A perfect combination that you can apply from mid-lengths to ends for about 20 minutes. Afterwards you will simply have to rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo.

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil + 2 tablespoons of honey + egg yolk.

ally against frizz: As we have already warned you at the beginning, olive oil is also a very good ally to end the frizz and frizz. A good way to apply it is by warming a few drops of this oil in your hand and applying it directly to the hair, avoiding the roots. He frizz It will disappear and your hair will shine again.

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