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Tricks to avoid a swollen face in the morning

Who hasn’t experienced something as common as waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror seeing their face completely swollen and congested? This is more common than you imagine and happens among both men and women. But for us it is even more common, especially during our period, when we also experience an increase in blood pressure. fluid retention.

A morning facial swelling It is usually temporary, is not usually related to any serious health problem, and can be relieved within a few hours. However, it is advisable to pay attention to it and consult your doctor if there is any type of irregularity. Precisely if what you are looking for is to relieve that specific facial inflammation, below we give you some simple tips to achieve it.

Most common causes of swelling

Lack of hydration: Poor hydration during the day prevents our body from being able to eliminate fluids correctly and, therefore, increases the chances of waking up with a swollen face.

Sleep bad: Not resting adequately can facilitate fluid retention and cause greater facial swelling.

Not washing your face before sleeping: Not removing makeup and not ensuring a good facial cleansing before going to sleep can prevent the skin from being adequately oxygenated while we sleep, which can also cause greater swelling of the face when we get up.

Bad nutrition: Both foods rich in salt and processed foods can lead to greater fluid retention. So, to avoid it, it is best to make sure you eat a varied and healthy diet, as well as proper hydration.

Hormonal changes: As we mentioned at the beginning, both in the days before and during menstruation, our level of progesterone increases and this translates into greater fluid retention, which can cause facial swelling.

Tricks to avoid it

When we talk about morning facial swelling, it usually relieves itself within a few hours, but there are still some tips with which you can speed up that process. We tell you some of the most effective:

  • Drink plenty of water: Both hydration through your diet and through water are key to being able to put aside fluid retention and avoid that unsightly swollen face in the morning. Start the day by drinking one or two glasses of water on an empty stomach in small sips and make sure to always carry a bottle of water with you during the day (one and a half liters is the recommended amount). This way you won’t forget to continue hydrating yourself during the day.

  • Facial massage: Many times the tension we have in our facial muscles can prevent us from resting properly and also facilitate that morning swelling. To avoid this, it is best to do some facial yoga exercise and do a self-massage before going to sleep. A couple of minutes will be enough to calm and release that tension accumulated during the day on your face.

  • Ensures good facial hygiene: Throughout the day, dirt, sweat and oil accumulate on our face, blocking the pores of the skin and hindering cell regeneration and oxygenation of the skin, which can end up resulting in acne, premature skin aging and spots. black, but also in a more swollen face. To avoid this, there is nothing better than removing makeup properly and ensuring good facial hygiene, both in the morning after getting up and before going to sleep. Finish your routine with a moisturizer and that’s it!

  • Change your pillow: If you usually use a pillow that is too low to sleep on, try changing it to a slightly higher cushion or pillow. This will prevent your head from being too low and will also help prevent facial swelling.

  • Light dinner: Something as simple as controlling what we eat is vital to avoid fluid retention and this includes the last meal of the day: dinner. It is best that you choose to have an early and light dinner, since a dinner that is too heavy will only hinder digestion and our body’s ability to eliminate liquids. As for the foods you include in your diet, remember that both salt and processed foods are two big culprits of fluid retention, especially if you consume them at night.

  • Make ice your ally: Another good option to eliminate morning puffiness is to rub ice over the most inflamed areas, such as the eye area. But when you apply it, avoid doing it directly on the skin. It is best to wrap the ice in a piece of cotton cloth and apply it to these areas to avoid burning or irritating your face.

  • Temperature contrast: Another trick to get rid of a swollen face is to apply hot and cold water to your face. You can do it with hot and cold water compresses or directly by washing your face with water, in which case we recommend that you avoid water that is too hot and opt for warm water to avoid skin irritation.

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