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Vaginal sponge: how to have sex and do water sports with menstruation

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The vaginal sponges They are a menstrual method to collect bleeding. They differ from tampons in that they do not have a protruding cord and in their greater adaptation to the vaginal walls.

It is the method used by many women to having sexual relations on menstruation days and to perform various sports in which suits can leave the tampon cord exposed. Its use is widespread for swimming and practicing other water sports.

It seems that thousands of years ago sea sponges were already used for menstrual hygiene, but there is evidence that documents their use in the 16th century by English prostitutes to maintain relationships during the days when they had their period so as not to stop working. . The rest of the women did not use it because it was considered risky to introduce an external element into the body to contain the blood.

Currently, use is more widespread, although it is not widespread. It’s about a much more flexible material than the rest of the classic systems and that is why sex is not uncomfortable for either person.

There are two types of sponges. The synthetic They are used as a menstrual method to replace the tampon and are compatible with sexual relations, but they fulfill contraceptive functions. Furthermore, there are the natural sponges of marine origin, which are sold on the market as eco-sustainable products because, among other reasons, they are reusable and washable.

Introducing sponges into the vagina involves using your fingers. Prior to its introduction, the sponge is wet, drained and shaped. Extraction is also done manually, because it does not have threads like tampons.

Some women also use it to treat vaginal discomfort or itching, impregnated with natural fungicides. Due medical advice is recommended for use with medication.

contraceptive sponge

This menstrual method has another version which is the contraceptive sponge. In this case, it is a small soft and soft sponge, round in shape and made of plastic foam, impregnated with spermicide. It is introduced, covering the cervix, to the bottom of the vagina prior to penetration or before sexual relations begin. In this case, some models have a thread to be able to remove it easily.

The contraceptive function deploys its effects through the spermicide and also blocks the entrance to the uterus so that the sperm does not reach the egg. It should be kept in place for at least two hours after sexual intercourse.

None of the sponges mentioned prevents contagion of sexually transmitted diseasesso it can be used simultaneously with a condom.

The effectiveness of the contraceptive sponge to prevent pregnancy is a less reliable method than the pill, the IUD or the condom. It depends largely on its correct use and, in addition, its reliability, which is 91%, is reduced to 80% in women who have already been mothers before, according to Planned Parenthood. The pregnancy rates make it not the most desirable option.

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