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Victoria of England: the queen who made the white wedding dress fashionable around the world

There is no wedding in which the bride’s white dress is not the protagonist, at least when it comes to the more traditional weddings. An option chosen by numerous women in Spain, but also in the rest of the world and whose tradition is linked to a single queen.

A queen who during her life opted for two very specific colors: total black for mourning and white wedding dresses. Dresses in which this fashion-loving queen fled from the traditional, later spreading his style to other countries and at the hands of other European leaders. Do you want to know who this queen was and how the wedding dress has become an essential? Keep reading.

The queen who popularized white wedding dresses

As we have told you, just as bridal bouquets have not always been brought to weddings, neither have they all arrived at the altar wearing the same type of wedding dress. The passage of time, the evolution of traditions and of course fashion has had a lot to do with all of this.

What is known is that the use of wedding dresses in marriage ceremonies dates back to ancient times and to different cultures, each with their own wedding dress traditions.

Specifically during the Middle Ages, wedding dresses were usually of different colors such as red, blue or black, depending on the region and local customs. Would not be until the 19th century through Queen Victoria, when the White color It became an essential in this type of dresses.

Still, it is important to note that other cultures in the world have their own traditions and styles of wedding dresses that are different from the Western approach. In fact, in Chinese culture the color red It is considered auspicious and is commonly used in wedding dresses. Evidence that each culture has its own history and evolution in terms of wedding dresses and wedding traditions.

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