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Vitamin C for glutes?

This has been a frequent topic of discussion, knowing if substances such as vitamin C can be used to fill buttocks and increase them, here we will resolve the question of whether they are Biopolymers?

Vitamin C

The first thing we must know is that Vitamin C is not a Biopolymer, definitely not; Vitamin C is fantastic for nourishing our body and keeping it healthy. When we take this vitamin or use intravenous serum cocktails with it, the immune system is strengthened even more and, in addition, we achieve that this vitamin reaches our skin, hair and nails so they look better and better.

Vitamin C is applied by injection into the vein to nourish the body or it can be administered orally and, in other cases, even applied to the face (vitamin C facial serums).

The function of Vitamin C

Vitamin C definitely does not have a volumizing or plumping effect. This substance is not designed to be injected into other parts of the body. in order to achieve filling, lifting or the production of other cells that increase the size of certain areas of the body, so this substance is not to be injected into the buttocks.

Vitamin C is definitely not a Polymer, but it is true that some unscrupulous people have used this name to promote and market substances and procedures that are harmful to humans.

In other words, they have called different substances vitamin C, with the supposed promise that it is a seemingly harmless product/substance to fill out the buttocks.

Watch your health

If you have gone to an aesthetic center (for example) and they have offered you vitamin C to fill your buttocks, ensuring that it is a harmless substance, be suspicious, it is likely that they are Biopolymers (any filler substance not suitable for humans). ).

Generally, they promote different types of buttock filling procedures with vitamin C, but they are actually other types of substances (silicones, gels) that, when injected into the body, will certainly generate a filling effect, but the body will not be able to. reabsorb that substance, since it is foreign to the Immune System and that is where all the problems begin.

Another important fact

Any substance injected into the body in large quantities can generate negative responses in the body, such as Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA Syndrome).

Keep this in mind, in any circumstance where they want to sell or promote miraculous buttock augmentations without surgery with substances that are apparently harmless to the body, it is likely to be a deception.

The agency does not know about licenses

Even if they tell you that these substances are harmless, beneficial for your body and also have a health registration (INVIMA, FDA, ETC) or endorsed by a recognized laboratory, be suspicious and go back to what was explained above.

History has shown us that even though a product has health records and becomes popular at a certain time, for aesthetic procedures, years later (6, 10, 20 years) the consequences are very serious. The body does not know about licenses, so what you do today could have terrible consequences in a few years.

What alternatives exist to increase the buttocks?

Science has made little progress in discovering an alternative to increase the buttocks safely for the patient. The most optimal way to increase the buttocks or other parts of the body is using the patient’s own fat and Lipoinject it in the area where you want to increase the volume. The second option is highly cohesive silicone implants.

Until now there are no serious studies that certify that, of all these filler substances, any are safe for humans, so remember: take care of yourself and your health, Do not resort to procedures that will put you in danger later.