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We tried the hairstyle of the season at Maison Eduardo Sánchez: the step by step of broken waves

Eduardo Sanchez She began her professional career at a very young age in her native country, Colombia, where she opened her own salon. In 1990 he moved to Europe where he expanded and consolidated his techniques, demonstrating his good taste and great talent in the first row salons of the Belgian capital.

In 1997 she opened the first salon of a prestigious hairdressing brand in Madrid, and since then her work has only grown. He has been the trendsetter for the red carpet of the Cannes festivalhas styled numerous celebrities and critics position him as one of the best hairdressers.

In 2014 she opened her first salon with her own brand.: Maison Eduardo Sánchez. Located in the prestigious Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid. MagasIN has moved there to put itself in the hands of Eduardo who, with the help of BaByLiss Pro products, She has made us one of the hairstyles that promise to be successful this summer: broken waves.

BaByLiss Pro Curling Irons

Isaac Morrell

Eduardo’s care and passion for details is evident as soon as you enter the room.a very bright spacecozy and equipped with an atmosphere that allows you to relax from minute one.

Step by Step

The first thing we did was sit down to decide which trend was the best to try on my hair. Having it so curly, Eduardo was clear from the first moment: straighten it and, later, making broken waves was the best option, so we got to work.

First he brushed my hair so that the curl wasn’t so marked and it was easier to straighten it. Once combed, Eduardo separated the hair into sections and used the Elipstyle straightener from BaByLissPro. This iron is developed with the most advanced material components, and designed under cutting-edge premises that redefine ease of use.

The journalist Patricia Martín and the hairdresser Eduardo Sánchez

Isaac Morrell

It is equipped with a high-capacity ion generator that makes your hair look much softer and shinier when straightening, something that is not achieved with all straighteners, and even less so if you have hair as curly as mine.

While he was passing the iron through his hair, he used a fine black-tooth comb to comb and ensure that the hair was perfect. As if that were not enough, he also used a dryer and a round brush, also from BaByliss Pro, so that, once straight, the hair looked more natural and gave it some shape.

BaByliss Pro Hair Dryer and Brush

Isaac Morrell

Once the hair was straight, it was time for action: making the waves. The perfect instrument? A BaByLiss Pro conical curling iron with an ergonomic and innovative design that allowed you to achieve the most defined waves.

Before proceeding to wrap my hair around the cylinder, they applied a texturizer that prepared my hair for waves, adding more volume and thickness to the hair.

The journalist Patricia Martín and the hairdresser Eduardo Sánchez

Isaac Morrell

Once ready, Eduardo proceeded to make the waves, placing the hair around the curling iron, as we have already explained previously, and leaving it for about 30-45 seconds. When you got around it, the precision of the wave was incredible.

We were looking for broken waves as a final result, that is, less marked waves, that were more drawn by the wave than by the curl. To do this, once I had curled all my hair with the curling irons, I lowered my head forward and with his own hands Eduardo “ruffled” the waves made previously.

Broken waves Eduardo Sánchez

Isaac Morrell

Finally, she used the curling irons again to mark some waves at the top of the hair and in the area of ​​the bangs, and once finished she used a hairspray to set the hairstyle.

The result? Some very natural waves that provide volume and personality. Furthermore, the hair looked shiny and luminous, two essential aspects that we look for when we go to the hairdresser, and even more so if we are going to style our hair using elements such as straighteners or curling irons.

The journalist Patricia Martín combed her hair with broken waves

Isaac Morrell

A perfect hairstyle for summer that I will surely try again. The products that Eduardo used belong to the BaByliss line for professionals, so if you want your hair to look this beautiful, don’t miss the opportunity and Run to Eduardo Sánchez’s Maison.

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