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What animal do you identify with according to your personality?

Have you ever been told that you look like a dog or a cat because of the way you are? There are many scientific studies on animal behavior and, without a doubt, the most interesting are related to their personality.

Based on these characteristics of each species, we will tell you which animal you identify with most according to your personality. Are you happier or more serious? More affectionate or more independent?

Discover if your way of being makes you identify with an elephant, a swan or a lion.

Your animal according to your personality

If you are a person who is faithful to those around you, social, happy and you like to give more love than you receive… Your animal is the dog.

If you like to be a leader and make decisions, you are respected and you respect and care for those around you… Your animal is the lion.

If you are independent, but you love affection and if someone attacks you, be careful with your nails!… Your animal is the cat.

If you are affectionate, kind and close, but your enemies prefer to keep you away… Your animal is the bear.

If you prefer to have few friends, but really. If you are also independent, demanding and ambitious… Your animal is the crocodile.

If you are that person who goes smiling wherever you go, you have a great sense of humor and you love to feel like a refuge… Your animal is the elephant.

If you love to feel free, but also keep an eye on your loved ones… Your animal is the eagle.

If you are intelligent, spontaneous, you love fun and you never stop making plans… Your animal is the Dolphin.

If discretion and elegance are your main qualities, you are also calm… Your animal is the swan.

If you are brave and when you set your mind to something there is no one to stop you… Your animal is the tiger.

If you are honest, responsible and perfectionist… Your animal is the rooster.

If you are smart, agile and defend sincerity in relationships… Your animal is the rabbit.

If you like to take care of yourself, you are sociable, creative and you are not afraid to improvise… Your animal is the bun.

If you are skilled at negotiating and trust yourself enough, you are fun and resourceful… Your animal is the rat.

If you are a free spirit, who seeks love and affection, but without ties… Your animal is the horse.

If you are strong and not afraid of anything, and although everyone else thinks you are cold, the truth is that you really appreciate affection… Your animal is the gorilla.

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