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What are relationship conflicts?

Relationship problems are normal, however, it is important to know how to resolve them to avoid going through difficult times.

They are the difficulties that arise in a couple, that make coexistence difficult or that generate discomfort. and that prevent good living. Some of the most common reasons for relationship problems are:

  • Jealousy
  • The difficulties of coexistence at home, which have to do with order
  • The details you have with each other
  • Economic difficulties
  • The feeling that there is no equality
  • The feeling that there are not enough expressions of affection

A solution to couple conflicts

Clarification Psychotherapies allow each member of the couple to assume the responsibility that each one has for what is happening. and that it is up to both of them to take matters into their own hands, that is, to clarify themselves and decide with the other the future of the relationship.

When there are conflicts between a couple, the most sensible thing is for each one to review whether, by action or omission, they have made errors that have an unfavorable impact on coexistence; Each one must ask themselves: what do I have to do with what is happening? And the other thing is that they must question themselves, what is the dynamic that we are carrying out? and how do we want it?

Ask yourself what you expect from each other as your partner and see what you find in what you want or desire and what you don’t, in the same way, be willing to give up space if necessary to resolve between the two (never alone) since all this is must be resolved between the two.

A clarification therapy is the most recommended, since seeks for both of them to assume what they want to do with what they are experiencing, whether to resolve it and continue or, if it is healthier to separate, because what any human being should seek is a good look and a better life, without forcing relationships that harm; On many occasions, when there are children, the latter are the ones who are affected.

The first step is to recognize yourself

Usually, it is easier to point out to the other person what is happening, but it is best to Let everyone point to themselves to see what they have been doing and not doing. so that the relationship is in discomfort and is generating individual conflicts, which sometimes have repercussions on others.