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What are the effects of hormones in men?

Men and women have hormonal cycles or variations that can influence their mood and, for the most part, are related to sexuality.

Both men and women have hormonal cycles or variations in hormones, which are substances that are responsible for generating physiological responses. These changes are normal, but may be experience changes in mood and directly influence sexual life of those who suffer from them.

The body regulates the decrease and increase of hormones, such is the case of the menstrual period that occurs in women. The lack of information on the subject has caused men to have less knowledge of their own cycles and effects on their bodies.

The doctor at the University of La Sabana, Fernando Rosero Mera, agrees that men have been made invisible in this sense. “It is thought that women are much more hormonal and much more susceptible to these changes.”, clarifies the sexologist.

There are different hormonal cycles that are mostly related to sexuality, but In the case of men, it is not known exactly when the changes will occur in their body.

“All men and women have the same hormones, but in different amounts. Men usually have more testosterone than estrogens and progestogensusually in greater quantities in women,” explains the expert.

Hormones such as prolactin, LH or luteinizing, FSH or follicle-stimulating, regulate male reproduction and some physiological processes that men experience every day such as thickening of the voice, beard growth, sperm formation and muscle thickening.

Hormones also influence the mood when faced with different external stimuli. Age directly influences this process since, with older age, the formation of these hormones decreases, for example, The decrease in testosterone begins after the age of 45.

Testosterone regulates sexual appetite, your mood, your ability to respond to different stimuli, your muscle mass and fatigue levels. Men are recommended to maintain good health: exercise, eat a balanced diet, sleep well and regulate stress so that the amounts of hormones they produce are always indicated and they can lead a normal life.

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