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What do vaginas smell like? Experts explain how to make these intimate essences

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Gwyneth Paltrow She has been the first celebrity to create an essence that smells like something as intimate as her own vagina. And her business operation has turned out well since Goopthe website where these candles were purchased, has sold out.

She was not the only one. The soul singer Eryka Badu She has also launched an incense that also smells like her vagina so that all her followers can appreciate the essence of her intimacy.

But what does a vagina smell like? ¿How can you make a perfume with that essence??

“You can recreate all the smells you want because there is a huge palette of artificial and natural materials that can achieve this,” he warns. Inma Fernandez, perfumer at Isolée. “Now there are chromatographs in the laboratory that help you understand What molecules are smells made of? to be able to reproduce them the same.”

Viviana Torresfounder of the intimate cosmetics brand ‘Miss Vivien’assures that it is not a problem “to get ‘primitive’ smells, also known as animal chords, which can be associated with the smell of a woman’s private parts.”

However, both Paltrow and Badu They have chosen the most complicated elements when it comes to recreating the smell of your vagina: “It is more complicated with candles because you have to check how that perfume works when burning it, see how the raw materials burn,” adds Fernández.


Of course, in the process to manufacture this type of essences, the professional always has to smell the origin of the perfume. Does that mean the perfumer smelled Gwyneth Paltrow or Erykah Badu’s vaginas?

“I don’t know… It is clear that the perfumer has to smell it to recreate it, but it can also work with a sample from which the molecules that make up the essence are extracted,” explains Inma Fernández.

For this perfumer, these types of launches are the result of marketing, “and they have done well because it is sold out” but it would not be a real option for the Spanish market right now, although it could be included in a target of essences made to satisfy fetishes either erotic whims.

Not of the same opinion Viviana Torres who values ​​it very positively: “Any initiative or product that makes us rethink our classic olfactory system opens horizons and enriches us. If the product also explicitly talks about a part of the female body such as the vagina so that it stops being a taboo subject seems fantastic to me.

And he warns that “our brain collects the smell in the limbic system, specifically in the amygdala, which connects the smell with an emotion, and It has an evocative capacity that transports us to lived moments and generates emotions that often cannot be controlled.

Miguel Vilas, from GH, and his semen perfume.

It is not the first intimate smell that reaches a bottle: “There are in perfumes that recreate the smell of semen and blood. One is supposedly made by copying the smell of semen. But it’s pure marketing. Us We also work with a line of perfumes that includes a molecule that makes you more receptive to emotional impacts. and accelerates the production of pheromones to attract whoever you want to attract,” he warns.

Like the one launched a few years ago by a GH17 contestant, Miguel Vilasdirectly under the name of ‘Semen’ and that he claimed that 27% of his own semen was included in each bottle. But not many more.

And, as Viviana Torres highlights, The Spanish market is not very open to these adventures: “There is not much olfactory culture here so it may be difficult for these types of smells to become fashionable. We should educate our noses more. In France there is a long olfactory tradition alreadySome odors that could be described here as repulsive or unpleasant could be considered interesting there. or attractive,” he warns.

In addition, this perfumer explains, the industry has historically used “essences as base notes or fixatives for a perfume.” that come from sexual glands of some animals. For example, the musk of the deer or the civet, which are now synthesized in a laboratory to respect the quality of life of these animals. Therefore There are chords of animal or plant origin that can recreate smells associated with sexuality.“, Add.

A personalized perfume

What is most established in the essence market are personalized perfumes. “They are a current trend because people don’t want to smell like someone else smells and want to have their own fragrance.”

At Isolée, they work with the house FLORIS London and the perfumer Edward Bodenhamwho belongs to the ninth generation of professionals of the house, and offer the service Bespoke that allows precisely this luxury:For 10,000 euros they work with the client for weeks or a month until they understand well the raw materials that suit that person, either due to the PH of the skin or the diet… And they get a personalized perfume,” clarifies Inma Fernández.

In this case, some samples are made and the formula is saved so that it can be recreated again as many times as that person wants.

But it is not only an option in small houses. The perfumer of In House by Guerlain, Thierry Wasseralso offers the service of creating a personalized perfume, yes, for 40,000 euros.

“These types of exclusive offers They have many clients from the Emirates They do it on special occasions, as a wedding gift or on a special date. And it’s very nice to be able to have your personal and unique perfume,” he concludes.

Regarding the smell of vaginas, Viviana Torres even dares to qualify the ingredients that the candle should contain. Gwyneth Paltrow: “I haven’t had the chance to smell the candle Goop ‘Smells like my vagina’ because unfortunately there is no stock left. The olfactory description indicates that it contains notes of geranium, bergamot, cedar, Damascus rose and Ambrette. As a perfumer, if I had to recreate the smell of an intimate area like the vagina, I would eliminate a citrus note. like Bergamot, I would reduce the presence of floral notes and would have added more animal or intense notes such as ambergris, oud or castoreum, and some more spicy floral accords.

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