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What does an architect study? | Career & Success

Do you have any idea about what subjects an architect needs to master to design a work? And what does he need to learn to organize the interior design of a place? If these doubts also cross your mind, you are in the right place.

Throughout the text, we will detail the areas of study for professionals in the field and the main subjects taught during graduation. You won’t lose, will you? So, keep following.

What does an architect need to know?

If you are interested in Architecture, maybe you already know that the profession is linked to the field of arts, after all it works with shapes, colors and aesthetic sense. In faculties, even, the course is usually in the same building as Dance, Theater, Music, Design and Visual Arts.

After understanding this point, we can say that the architect needs to know works of art, understand colorimetry, have notions of drawing and perception of physical space. This will help you create harmonious works and adapt an environment to the user’s needs.

In addition to the artistic part, the professional must have structural knowledge. Know about types of materials used in construction — paint, electrical installations, grout, etc. — and get a general idea of ​​the construction process. After all, he will design what the engineer will execute.

Those who work with Architecture also need to know about ergonomics. This is a subject that deals with the interaction between man and objects, whether furniture or equipment in general. With this knowledge, the professional optimizes the user experience, making everything more accessible.

What subjects are covered in the Architecture course?

Now you know what knowledge is needed by those who work in the area. So, during the graduation period, the courses offered need to offer students this learning.

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The Architecture course has an average duration of five years and each institution will have a specific composition of the curriculum. In the list below, however, we will present you the most common ones to be studied.

  • History and Theory of Architecture — brings the evolution of architecture over time;
  • Art History — addresses the development of artistic expressions in different eras and civilizations;
  • Drawing — drawing techniques for the elaboration of architectural projects;
  • Urban Planning — studies the construction and development of small and large cities;
  • Environmental Comfort — observes details about climate and lighting in buildings;
  • Aesthetics — brings aesthetic concepts related to art and how they can be applied in architecture;
  • Structures — studies metal, concrete and wood structures and their uses in construction;
  • Geometry — presents three-dimensional techniques for designing.

Within the subjects mentioned — in fact, throughout the course — the student has many practical activities. Therefore, you will design projects, build models, draw technical plans, propose urban interventions and many other things.

To graduate, it is necessary to present a course conclusion work and, generally, to do a mandatory internship.

Architecture is a broad area of ​​study, as it was possible to perceive throughout the text. To act in the profession you must have a strong connection with the artistic movements and enjoy construction.

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