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What flower to give on each occasion: choose the right colors and type

For practically any occasion or social event, giving some flowers It is an ideal option, since they are beautiful and They give a touch of color to the room. However, we do not always know what type of flowers are most appropriate in each situation or if there are special colors that are used more.

Furthermore, the floral market has changed a lot in recent years and offers many different alternatives that can confuse us even more. Because, What are preserved flowers? And the dried ones? Are natural ones better than ever?

Clara Sanz Pascualowner of the flower shop La Moderna Rural Shop (Soria) explains to MagasIN which flowers to choose to succeed at any event:

Births or baptisms

In the case of births or baptisms, Sanz recommends the dried flowers because this is how the memory remains forever. “For births it is very sad that the flowers dry out. Dried flowers are ideal because when babies are born you have less time and with these you don’t even have to put them in water. You just leave them in a vase and that’s it. Plus, they last a long time “.

Regarding the varieties, Sanz is committed to paniculata (which usually has white and pink tones), the statice (which stands out for being an intense purple) or the eucalyptus, whose flower is very simple and original. “They are very colorful flowers and they dry very well,” says the florist.

In order, the paniculata flower, the statice flower and the eucalyptus flower.



For birthdays, Sanz suggests colorful and varied bouquets, that adapt to the tastes of the birthday boy or girl. At La Moderna Rural Shop they also offer more personal gifts such as wreaths, boxes or initials made with dried flowers. Some artisan works that stand out for their originality.

For lovers

Romantic love has a flower par excellence: the Red Rose. Giving your partner a good bouquet of this flower is a classic that you cannot go wrong with. Furthermore, Sanz confirms it: when Valentine’s Day arrives, demand inevitably increases.

A woman with a bouquet of roses.



Unlike what happens with couple gifts, in the case of weddings there is no specific type that is used the most. It all depends on the tastes of the couple and the fashions of the moment.

However, what is increasingly requested is the preserved flower. “The preserved one is a natural flower that has a treatment that prevents it from spoiling. It is much more expensive, but for weddings it is used a lot, it is what they ask for the most because they last forever in perfect condition.”


The natural flowers They are still the most used for funerals. Sanz affirms that it is because, on this occasion, “the flower that does not have to last, is only to accompany during the ceremony and then remains in the cemetery.”

For these occasions, the most used colors are white and red (either with roses or carnations).

Red and white flowers at a funeral.


And those with allergies?

Finally, before giving a bouquet or centerpiece of flowers, don’t forget to make sure that the person receiving it is not allergic!

If you still want to opt for this gift, there are some plants and flowers that are less allergic, since they have less dense pollen. On this list are roses, orchids, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, calla lilies, pansies, hyacinths, tulips and flowering cacti. With them, you surely won’t fail!

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