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What if we can make gray hair disappear?

Gray hair is hair without pigment or melanin. It is formed before the hairline and the color of the hair depends on its quantity and type. It is what will mark the natural tone of the hair, depending on whether it is dark (eumelanin) or light (pheomelanin).

Melanin is the substance secreted by melanocytes, these are found at the root of the hair right in the follicle. These, when the hair is born, are what will provide the color.

A new study claims that gray hair They can become pigmented again, especially when they are due to stress, among other reasons.. We analyze it.

Appearance factors

It is true that for a shock, A major upset, a very strong emotional situation or even a continued stressful situation can turn your hair white.

It is said that Marie Antoinette’s hair turned white the night before she was going to be beheaded. It really seems that it is not possible that if the hair has already emerged from the follicle that it loses its color suddenly. It is hair that already has its melanin.

It is clear and evident that age is the main factor in the appearance of gray hair. In fact, as we get older, melanocytes produce less melanin or can even disappear. The hair will be gray.

Until now, it was indicated that the appearance of the first gray hair was already in the genes and programmed, as if the hereditary factor were the main cause.

According to the different and most current studies, Stress is directly related to the acceleration of the appearance of gray hair and the amount. It is linked to premature aging. In a first study carried out by researchers at the Vagelos College of Medicine in Columbia, it was possible to quantitatively relate this stress to the appearance of gray hair.

However, the great surprise and, with it, the success of the study is that it was observed that when this stress disappeared, the gray hair also disappeared and the color in the hair was restored, very contrary to what was believed until now.

According to this study, specifically Dr. Martin Picard, dated June 22, sees the reversibility of this color recovery and relates it directly to aging.

In addition to stress and genetic causes, it is known that other extrinsic factors, such as toxins, pollution or even exposure to certain chemicals They can cause an advance in the appearance of gray hair.

In oxidative stress, the reactive oxygen radical appears, accumulation of hydrogen peroxide and a decrease in the enzyme methyl sulfoxide reductase. This inhibits the formation of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for the formation of melanin. Thus, less content is produced and gray hair appears.

The increase in the content of hydrogen peroxide in the body is directly related to the lower formation of catalase, the higher content of hydrogen peroxide is linked to aging.

A significant lack of B vitamins and, specifically, folic acid is directly related to the appearance of gray hair.

If gray hair is directly related to aging, in the same way, by relating the appearance of gray hair to stress and the possibility of reversing these processes as well could be extrapolated to the possibility of reversing aging due to causes such as stress.

Its relationship with age

According to the researcher, when the hair is still under the influence of the follicles in the growth period, it is directly influenced by whether or not it suffers stress, hormonal levels or even other biological processes that the body may undergo, although a Once the hair has grown, this change in gray hair becomes more difficult.

We know that gray hair is directly related to stressHowever, the study aimed to determine what amount of stress and time of exposure to stress can cause gray hair to appear.

The research differs from other possible studies that have been related in that the hair has been carefully analyzed in pieces, specifically, in tiny pieces of 1/20 mm wide in each hour of hair growth, with a high-resolution scanner. . Small variations were seen that are imperceptible to the eye.

14 volunteers have been analyzed and each one measuring the stress levels they suffer daily, the researchers have noticed that some hair will return to the original color in the same way when the period of stress subsides. Thus they indicate that, for example, when one of the volunteers returns from vacation, she has some dark hair again.

Why can we relate stress to gray hair?

In this aspect we have to remember the process of formation of these gray hairs and the way in which it is related to the cell and the mitochondria of the cell. To do this, researchers have measured the levels of thousands of proteins in hair and how these levels change with hair growth.

They have observed that there are more than 300 proteins that vary when hair color varies.either. They have derived it to a mathematical formula in which this protein change, stress and the appearance of gray hair are related.

The cellular mitochondria is the pilot that relates the process of the appearance of new gray hair induced by stress or other causes. The way in which a large number of stem cells are lost in the hair follicle of gray hair has also been linked.

The authors of this study, led by Ralf Paus, professor of dermatology at the Miller School of Medicine in Miami, indicate that it has been proven that it is possible to reverse the appearance of gray hair. In fact, studies in mice have been clear and it carries over to humans.

However, this repigmentation is not possible in all people since very often it is not only stress that causes the appearance of gray hair. There are other factors that also influence the appearance. Thus, for example, in a middle-aged person, it is possible that gray hair reverts when he has suffered very exceptional stress.

However, this reversal is very difficult in an older person, for example at 70 years old, in whom white hair has already been present for years.

How can we act apart from reducing stress in people to reduce the appearance of gray hair?

There are some factors that are immovable and that we cannot act on, for example, genetic factors.

However, when people suffer a lot of oxidative stress, we can try to act on that effect. Some situations (problems, worries, toxins and extraordinary stress situations, hormonal changes) will be directly linked with changes in mood and stress.

To do this, I recommend natural products that will help improve relaxation and avoid anxiety such as L-theanine, Rhodiola or Ashwagandha.

We also need to stimulate the hair follicles, with a contribution of group B vitamins, among which specifically stand out folic acid, biotin and calcium pantothenate. These nutritionals are in many multivitamin complexes. Also making sure that our diet is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Brewer’s yeast is another option that can be good for strengthening the hair follicle.

I also advise doing a detox treatment at least once a year, with products such as milk thistle (milk thistle) with which we will eliminate excesses that can saturate the liver system.

Growth hormone precursors, such as peptide complexes, will help maintain adequate levels of these hormones. HGH is one of the most important causes of gray hair.

What is catalase?

Currently, given this news, there is a lot of demand from people who want to buy the catalase enzyme. But what is true in all this?

It is the enzyme we have in the body that is responsible for the degradation of hydrogen peroxide H2O2 (free radical) into water and oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is a molecule that is derived from some metabolic processes.

This molecule is toxic to the body since it causes cell death and when decomposed it loses its toxicity. It is found inside cells, not only human cells, but also plant cells.

According to studies in which premature aging is related to the appearance of gray hair, and related to low levels of the enzyme catalase in the body, it is what increases the content of free radicals and interacts with the production of melanin. By destroying this melanin production, the hair turns white.

Some commercial brands indicate that it is effective to use products such as lotions or shampoos that contain this enzyme. The reality, however, is that there has not been enough certainty or enough information to be able to say that hair will darken again with these products. However, they are not harmful either.

Studies and demonstration indicate that between the ages of 45 and 65, men have much more gray hair than women. They appear from that age onwards in 74% of the population.

What is real is that stress and quality of life and nutritional supplements that can help improve the decrease in the content of free radicals in the body, including peroxide, do have a direct relationship with the appearance of gray hair.

Study: Rosenberg AM, Rausser S, Ren J, Mosharov EV, Sturm G, Ogden RT, Patel P, Kumar Soni R, Lacefield C, Tobin DJ, Paus R, Picard M. Quantitative mapping of human hair graying and reversal in relation to life stress. Elife. 2021 Jun 22; 10:e67437. doi: 10.7554/eLife.67437. PMID: 34155974; PMCID: PMC8219384

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