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What is and what is the treatment for Turbinate Hypertrophy?

Turbinate Hypertrophy is the increase in these nasal structures. The turbinates are part of the interior of the nose whose function is to heat the air that enters the body. One of the main symptoms of Turbinate Hypertrophy is respiratory obstruction in the patient.

Main causes of Nasal Turbinate Hypertrophy

The most common cause of an increase in turbinates is an allergic reaction to various substances in the environment. As an inflammatory reaction, allergies attack these nasal structures, causing Turbinate hypertrophy. There are also other inflammatory causes such as irritating contacts, specific substances or other pathologies.

Medication to reduce inflammation of the nasal conchae

The Turbinate hypertrophy It is treated mainly by otorhinolaryngologists through medications. Initial management is based on topical steroids, inhalations, vasoconstrictors and oral anti-allergy medications. With these medications it is possible to reduce the turbinates inflamed by allergies.

If patients do not respond to this type of treatment for Turbinate hypertrophythe Specialist can inject steroids directly, or the turbinates are cauterized or cut to reduce their size.

Prevention methods

To avoid the increase in turbinates, the main causes are addressed. For example, if it is allergies, these must be kept under control. If the increase in turbinates is caused by irritating chemical substances, the recommendation is that the patient stay away from them. If the increase in turbinates is due to infections or viruses, patients are asked to avoid contact with people who have pathologies of this type.