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What is Biobase and Biomimetics?

The purpose of Biobase and Biomimetics is the dental recovery of a patient, before reaching deeper and more complex procedures that take longer to show results.

Biobase and Biomimetics

It is a work philosophy that has taken on a new clinical boomgiven the demands and needs of patients in not having metallic or annoying materials for them, choosing from our existing possibilities at this time, dental materials that have characteristics very similar or similar to the tissues that we want to recover for their form, function and aesthetics, making the most of the remaining teeth, which can be used to develop and perform this type of restorations.

  • Biobase: recovered using specific materials that can emulate dental tissues in mechanical and resistance characteristics to support a restoration that will be joined to this Biobase adhesively.

  • Biomimetics: try to copy or reproduce the naturalness of dental tissues such as shape, color and texture, as well as the resistance and tenacity to resist, like the natural tooth, its use in all functions such as biting, grinding, speaking. and others that are related to teeth

This type of procedure is part of the philosophy of making restorations very similar to the characteristics of natural teeth (color, shine and texture). Applicable from a restoration of a small Caries lesion to large coronal destruction of anterior or posterior teeth and which will be treated tooth by tooth.

With this, the aim is to avoid having to remove more dental tissue, which can reduce the resistance and longevity of the restoration, but with a very important premise, being able to make the most of the remaining dental tissueif possible, for the correct use and development of this technique.

Who are these procedures intended for?

From very young patients to older people who do not want to lose teeth, who, through this technique, can obtain one last opportunity to restore and recover the functionality of their mouth.

Before making the decision to remove the part, You must be sure that the present conditions allow itsuch as those patients who have some type of allergy to materials used in prostheses such as acrylic or metals or who do not want invasive procedures that require surgical acts such as the placement of implants or extraction of teeth.

It must be understood that you must be very respectful of the recommendations on how to use and care for these restorations for a maximum useful life, since Oral Rehabilitation procedures are never eternal, but if the recommendations are followed, they can last much longer. .

Biobase and Biomimetics Process

Depending on the state of the dental remnant, it may be necessary, according to the extent of the lesion, caries or wear or fracture of the tooth, to require Endodontic root canal treatment, to eliminate pain symptoms or prevent them in the future.

Already established whether it is necessary or not, dental materials are used such as specific resin for these procedures, the use of types of fiberglass bands or resins that have this same material in their filling.

The aim will be to emulate the resistance and other capacities of a natural tooth, using Gold standard adhesion systems for this and to be able to create a correct Biobase, which respects the relationships with the other tissues surrounding the tooth, such as:

  • The Periodontal Ligament
  • The gum and alveolar bone

This is to perform subsequent restorations directly (carried out in the mouth) or indirectly (carried out by dental laboratories) to recover the shape, size, color and Dental Aesthetics, according to the needs and requirements necessary for each patient. particular.

The key to achieving optimal treatment

The success of this technique is knowing very well the characteristics that we want to emulate from nature.trying to copy the properties of a natural tooth, with the correct materials for this purpose, because it is not simply making a restoration with any resin and in the way you want, but rather respecting the relationships with the other tissues close to the tooth to to recreate the function, shape, color and aesthetics of the teeth again.

This is done before restorative treatments are needed, which remove more tissue from the tooth.which has already been lost, such as the premature extraction of dental roots, which, knowing very well the philosophy of these restorations, can be, in my opinion, natural implants that can be used before extracting them.

That is why you must know this work philosophy very well, to make a correct diagnosis and thus make the most of these situations that are very normal and everyday in our clinical consultation.