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What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic Dentistry is an innovative technique for dental restoration, based on using materials that simulate the natural tissue of teeth.

Characteristics of Biomimetic Dentistry

The Biomimetic Dentistry is a new Dentistry that is based on the preservation and conservation of hard tissues, returning the structural anatomy of the tooth with cutting-edge materials and medications comparable in mechanical and aesthetic properties to natural dental tissues, thus giving it the possibility of surviving in the mouth for a prolonged time.

It is based on the principle of conservation of dental structure and pulp preservation, that is, the existing defect is what will guide the amount of structure to be removed.

Once the defect or caries is controlled, biobases that are mechanically compatible with the dentin are used to prevent the spread of cracks that may exist. When the internal part of the tooth has been reconstructed, an optimization of the adhesion is carried out to finally make the restoration in either a ceramic or resinous material.

Conditions that Biomimetic Dentistry can solve

Using Biomimetic Dentistry with early and adequate diagnosis can avoid the replacement of natural tissues with incompatible materials such as: amalgams and metal posts which can trigger silent cracks, which end in an imminent fracture of the tooth.

When this happens, the only treatment option is the extraction of the tooth and its replacement with a metal implant, always being the last option in dental treatment.

This is why Biomimetic Dentistry is so recommended, as it restores damaged teeth, giving them back their original function and aesthetics.

Patients who are candidates for this type of intervention

Any patient who presents loss of dental tissue due to fractures, wear, cavities; It is indicated to restore with Biomimetic Dentistry.

Patients with existing restorations such as amalgams and metal posts have non-adhesive restorations that will end in imminent tooth loss, which is why they are preventively candidates for these treatments.

Benefits compared to traditional dental restoration

Materials such as gold, amalgam and fired porcelain are still used in many practices. Dentists, leading to unnecessary removal of solid structures in the tooth ending in catastrophic failure. Using Biomimetic Dentistry allows preserve the greatest amount of dental tissue.

As adhesive processes are carried out that induce very little internal tension, when these treatments fail, the point of damage occurs in the restoration, not in the tooth, allowing the tooth to be restored again and again, increasing its prognosis in the mouth and avoiding extraction. to place a metal implant.

Dental specialties at the forefront: Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry can give a new twist to oral health, providing the dental organ with survival in prolonged oral occlusion.

As Biomimetic Dentists We seek to avoid in most cases the Tooth Extraction, since it causes a chain of consequences such as dimensional alterations and changes in bone volume that end up affecting facial shape, proprioception is lost in the face of mechanical and sensory stimuli, among many others.

Dental Specialties offers with its current knowledge and technology a biomimetic restorative service, a treatment that is more respectful of the dental complex, which ensures a restoration system to emulate the resistance and long-term longevity of the natural tooth, giving greater predictability to all clinical procedures.