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What is biopolymer extraction?

In a single consultation, the Biopolymers cannot be extracted in their entirety; 2 or 3 more sessions are required to be able to remove the substance that is most embedded in the muscles.

Biopolymers are harmful materials that are injected into the skin to increase volume and provide better aesthetics, however, in most cases, over time they generate deformities and infections, so their extraction is important.

The use of Biopolymers or Biogels over time They cause deformities in patients Those who have them also trigger irregularities and toxic problems in the body.

The most frequent problems with Biopolymers are:

  • Infections in the implant area and other nearby muscles or organs
  • Deformities in the areas where they were placed

How it is performed?

The Extraction of Biopolymers It will depend on the area where they are placed such as on the face where minimal incisions are made to be able to remove them and so that the patient only has a small scar left.

The area where Biopolymers are mostly placed is in the buttocks where with the help of special equipment they are extracted by liquefying the substance, removing as much as possible without affecting the patient’s other muscles.

Unfortunately, the Biopolymers cannot be extracted in their entirety in a single consultation. 2 or 3 more sessions are required to be able to remove the substance that is most incarnated. in the muscles, therefore, studies such as Magnetic resonance to verify how far the Biopolymers reach and which ones can be removed in their entirety without affecting other areas.

Care after the procedure

Once the largest amount of biopolymers have been removed, the next step is care for the healing area So that there are no infections or the incision is opened, the patient must follow the surgeon’s instructions such as wearing a girdle, be at complete rest and continue with pharmacological treatmentit is estimated that the postoperative period lasts approximately 7 to 10 days, after which the patient will be able to continue with their daily activities.

It is important that the patient attends his check-ups to evaluate the healing and how the aesthetics of the area where the extraction was performed are regaining, as well. It is recommended that the patient exercise to restore tension in the muscles and they adhere to the body.